Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 287

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 287

Summer lovin kissing on trunk of car

The prompt for November is out now and you have a nice long time to get to work on your images. Sinful Sunday November Prompt.

This week the round up is in the hands of Aiden also know to as Open Spirit Girl

Aiden’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

When Molly asked me to do the Sinful Sunday Round-Up I was both honored and terrified. It’s something I have loved since the moment I discovered it. Sunday mornings with a cup of coffee and my phone are pure bliss as I peruse the contributions by everyone involved. This is also what makes it terrifying. How to choose just 5 images?! Deciding which 5 images to pick was extremely hard and I want to say first off they were all wonderful. I’m a very visual person, constantly scanning for the little details, the story behind the image. These are the ones I couldn’t let go of.

Holden and Camille

Summer lovin kissing on trunk of car

First off I simply love the outdoors and this image evoked a playfulness that made me smile. I could feel their excitement for each other radiate through me. It’s one of those images that have me thinking about a story of young lovers embarking on their first summer romance, not a care in the world except each other and the adventure which lies ahead.

A to sub Bee

I have an extreme fear of needles myself but an image where fear elicits this type of excited visceral response in me makes me curious. The shallow depth of field focused on the raised skin fascinated me, each sharp needle piercing through at slightly different angles. The painful sting it would cause as they were pushed through. This is an image that has me thinking there is something new I must explore to see where it leads.

Maria Open’s Up

Maria topless hugging candles

This image just screamed sexy to me. The candle light casting shadows around her soft curves, a little nipple poking out to say hello, symmetry and warmth within her arms. It makes my mind wander to peaceful pleasures. I would hang this in my living room. Everything about is just beautiful.

Girl Uninterrupted

woman taking off panties in the street

When I saw this one I felt as if I was a voyeur across the street watching her with her daddy. What would happen between the two of them?  The light focused from underneath her highlighting the red silk panties and lacy dress. I wonder where this story will lead.

Just a Random Scot

Man laying naked in a pool of light

Light and shade is exactly what drew me into this one. Then my eyes traveled down his chest, with muscles rippling over his ribs. The texture of his hair over the skin below as my eyes traveled then rested on his hand cradling his beautiful cock. It felt like strength along with open vulnerability. I just love everything about this image.

Thank you very much to Aiden for this weeks round up. You can find her on Twitter @openspiritgrl

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 164 – Understanding Flutterby

Woman masturbating in the bath

I think this image is so fucking hot. The softness of the image helps to give it a feeling of movement that is utterly intoxicating. This image makes me want to have a bath and touch myself


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