Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 297

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 297

Womans cleavage with pendant and black dress and white flower in the foreground, seasonally sexy

I know this is slightly alarming but you have just over a week to get your images sorted out for the 1st prompt weekend of 2017. Where does the time go?

This weeks round-up is in the hands of Eugene Noale. If you have not checked out his blog then you should, especially his fantastic Art of the Cock series which one dick pic a week for a whole year. It is a brilliant in my opinion. You can also find him on Twitter @EugeneNoale

Eugene’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

This week’s Sinful Sunday imagery was largely about finding warmth and being seasonally sexy. I made a place for that in my picks but my inevitable five were picked based on how they made me feel. I had an immediate reaction to these images and I’d like to honor those feelings here. Thank you Molly. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and I am honored that you asked me to be a guest writer. I love being part of the Sinful Sunday community.

Maria Opens Up

woman crouching down in dark cold room

I felt the cold, the isolation, when I opened this photo. There is no text, no explanation. This woman is tucked in the bottom corner of a dark, gritty, rectangle, with only herself to hold. This image is powerful.

Collared Mom

Man and woman laying naked on bed embracing

A warm smile rose on my lips when I viewed this photo. It’s lovers, in a tender, intimate embrace, laying in their bed. They look to have all they need in the world, in that bed, and that warms my heart.

Jerusalem Mortimer

Woman bent over bed with bright red spanked buttom

I made an involuntary noise when I saw this for the first time. It was a pleasured noise and I found myself whispering, “Mmm yes.. Yes.” This snapshot is at once a lovely nude and quality evidence of pleasure had.

Holden and Camille

Santa snowglobe with woman sucking mans cock in background

I had to laugh. I had to. A foreground of whimsy and seasonal joy that is seemingly unaware of the explicit act occurring in the blurry background, is a complete delight, and I had to laugh. Bonus points for your use of red as a leading color that draws the eye from Santa to cock.

F dot Leonora

Womans cleavage with pendant and black dress and white flower in the foreground

Subtlety cannot be overlooked. The soft gradient of warm skin where her breasts meet, soothes me and stirs me, like soft kisses and sipped wine.

Blast from the Past

Sinful Sunday Week 175Modesty Ablazehead of penis dipped in glass

I am a fan of an inventive cock shot and this one is certainly one of those. I love how the glass is distorting the shape and size of the head of his penis and the way the light is shining through the liquid making patterns. The whole thing is a mouth watering sight.


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  1. @BibblyBobbily says:

    Some fantastic entries last week. Loved them all x

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