Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 312

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 312

Woman wearing metal collar that says One on it

I love prompt week and seeing what everyone has done with the theme. I love all Sinful Sundays but I have a special affection for the prompt Sundays.

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Silverdrop’s Toybox

Woman wearing metal collar that says One on it

The song title to go with this image is You’re the one by The Carpenters which when you read Silver Dom’s words will take on even greater meaning than when just placed beside this image which I think is utterly beautiful. I love the soft golden light in it and the way it reflects off of the collar onto Silverdrop’s skin. There is a tender and sensual quality to this image that is stunning.

Hannah Lects

Woman smiling with cum on her tits and chin

I will happily admit that I have a bit of thing for being come on, especially when that involves my tits so Hannah’s image totally works for me in that respect but when I saw the song title that she had paired it with I laughed out loud. Sex is many things but it should definitely be fun and is often funny and this image/title combination just captures that sentiment perfectly.

Little Switch Bitch

Woman riding man reverse cowgirl style

The song title for this one is Laid by James and I am not sure she could have picked a more perfect title especially when you read some of the lyrics. However this one is all about the image for me because it is fucking gorgeous. I love the contrast between her pale skin and the darker tones of his. Also there is something just so sexy about the shape of her bottom and hips and how they curve into the nip of her waist.

Cleareyed Girl

Looking up womans red skirt to no panties

Eye mentioned that her chosen song title (Lady in Red) was a bit of a cliche but I actually think it is perfect because as she says herself you can totally be both a lady and post naked pictures online and quite frankly this is my kind of Lady in Red; sexy, sultry, suggestive and smokin’ hot.

Frisky in the 916

Man pouring lube into his hand

The song title for this one: One is the loneliest number and whilst that might be true and is how Jack chose to represent this image I want to say that in this case one is an incredibly sexy number. I absolutely love the suggestiveness of this shot.



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