Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 315

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 315

Domsigns laying naked in the bluebells

Just over a week to go until it is the first Sunday of the month and prompt time!

This weeks round-up is in the hands of a blogger who is a long time Sinful Sunday regular and who’s images I always find to be some combination of inspiring, thought-provoking, smokin hot, or funny and often times all of these things. On Twitter you will know her as @Ht_Honey and her blog is Happy Come Lucky

Honey’s Top 5 pics of the Week

As this is my second round up, I was well prepared. I knew it would be hard but I had my strategy worked out. Of course, that didn’t help at all. The range of entries were so good and so full of what this meme is all about.

I could have included many more in this round up but here are my five choices.

Cleareyed Girl

two woman tied with rope with legs together

First is Eye’s wonderful pictures showing the delight that is rope. I love so much about the first image but that is the appetizer for the sensual, beautiful companionship of the second. The sensuality and calm that radiates out of that image made me feel contentment and joy deep in my soul.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Domsigns laying naked in the bluebells

I have to make a confession about this next image. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE bluebells. I was lucky enough to have some time in the woods with @exposing40 and bluebells. I adore the images that she took of me. When I’m a millionaire, I am going to spend bluebell time exploring the woods and taking every opportunity I can to get naked among them. 😉 Of course, there is another reason apart from the bluebells that I chose this image. There, displayed with such a confident and comfortable pose, is @domsigns. I love the way he is lying in among the flowers. He looks as though that space is his and that he has no concerns. That relaxed confidence is sexy. So is that view.

The Other Livvy

Woman silhouette in corner of the room

This next image is one that I deliberately took out if the round up several times before I put it back in and left it in. It’s stunning. The way the light bounces around and makes such a dynamic silhouette of Livvy whilst still emphasising her stillness is so clever. As always, Livvy makes such wonderful shapes with her body. She is a delight in the emotion that she so regularly evokes in her poses. It is that evocation of feeling and deep response that made this such a challenging image for me to choose. I have, over the years, tried several attempts to produce artwork with a similar pose and similar feeling. For me, this image is so similar to the fragile image of me withdrawing into a corner of myself as a child that it challenges me. It is the strength of that challenge that made me choose it.

Maria Opens Up

Topless nude of woman with sunlight streaming in through the window

This next image is the juxtaposition to the previous one. The way the light bathes Maria instantly makes me feel renewed and healed. Maria’s words show that she needs that feeling of being bathed in the new light too. I really hope that the coming weeks are much kinder than the last few. I also hope that Maria carries on sharing these images with us. I have revisited this image so many times to delight in the beauty that it gives.

Kilted Wookie’s Photo Album

Topless man in kilt

My last image is very different from the others. I whooped with delight when I saw it. One of my very, very delightful fun fantasies is a sexy man in a kilt and boots. The fact that this image is exactly that made my day! I must remind my man that a kilt is on the list of things we *need*. Now, where is that wind machine? If I angle it right and turn it on… Maybe that can be the image for another time!

Now all that is left is for me to thank Molly for inviting me to do the round up and to work on my own inspiration for future weeks.



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