Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 323

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 323

Triptych of Nude woman tossing and turning in bed

Just over a week until the first Sunday of the month and prompt weekend here on Sinful Sunday.

This weeks I am delighted to welcome Jerusalem Mortimer to the round-up. I have been reading his blog for a fairly long while now but this year I actually got to met the man in person at Eroticon. It was wonderful to put a face to a name after so long and it is lovely to have him writing his first Sinful Sunday round-up. You can find him on his own blog Jerusalem Mortimer: Between the lines and on Twitter @JaimeMortimer

Jerusalem Top 5 Pics of the week

This is my first time with the Sinful Sunday round-up. I was surprised by how hard it is to pick favourites.

People always say making a short-list has been really hard because the standard was so high, making it almost impossible to narrow it down to just five images or sets. But (this time) it’s true!

You should go look at all of this week’s images. They’re too good to miss, and there are so many I’m sorry to have had to leave out.

But here’s my round-up, just the same.

Princess of Kink

Woman in fire red bath water

A woman in a bath. The bathwater is swirling red: blood, or Merlot, or both. And there are flames everywhere! Above and below. But the bathing woman doesn’t seem to mind! I dunno if Satan would like it (I don’t know the guy), but I sure as hell do! It’s a really vibrant, colourful photo, where the light seems brighter than real. It’s great!

Happy Come Lucky

Shadow lines from blinds on naked womans body

This is a series of lovely photos. A woman’s lush body, striped by morning light streaming in through the blinds. Sir Joshua Reynolds argued somewhere that the essence of beauty is elegantly curved lines, crossed by straight lines. The contrast between the discipline of straight linearity and the rounded planes of the body is something that the eye likes to rest on. Thank you, Sir Joshua. You’re damn right.

Cara Thereon

Triptych of Nude woman tossing and turning in bed

This is another truly lovely sequence. A naked woman tosses and turns on her bed, too hot to sleep. The colours are beautifully muted: her body, the wall and the bedclothes all seem to match in perfect harmony. You could hang it on your wall. The photos convey the inadvertent beauty of restlessness.

Sexual Adventures of a Married Woman

Man's semen on glass table top

A photo taken from above looking down at the head of a penis, and the left leg of the penis-owner. There is a splash of come on the table in front of him. What I like about this in is the composition: the view down to the floor takes all these things in; the penis, though it’s the salient part of the photo, is at the bottom edge of the photo frame. It’s a beautiful detail that the table top is partly glass, and so you look down through that as well, vertiginously to the floor.

F dot Leonora

Woman with comic book pillow on her bare legs

A woman holding a cushion to her lap. The cushion has a printed Roy Lichtenstein painting printed on it. It’s the drowning girl, after a 1950s true romance comic: as the waters close over her, she thinks: “I don’t care! I’d rather sink than call Brad for help!” But the real woman, the photographed one and not the painted one, holds the cushion defensively over her lap. Is she naked except for that pillow? Is she hurt in love too? An irresistible “story” photo.


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