Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 343

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 343

Man with tattoos laying in the bath image looks like a pencil drawing

Yet again everyone has blown me away with their skill and creativity. I absolutely adore prompt week and I look forward to them every month. They do make picking a top 5 very challenging but it is a challenging that I always enjoy.

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Fire and Honey

Rope on the floor in front of doorway that is light by bright day light

What I really love about this image is that it is a perfect example of how you can create something sexy and suggestive without there being anyone actually in the image and suggestive is definitely the right word for it in my opinion because it is a shot that fuels the imagination. I think it would make a great cover for a novel or a rope themed anthology.


Man with tattoos laying in the bath image looks like a pencil drawing

The over exposure of this image has created a shot that looks more like a pencil or ink drawing than a photograph. The simplicity of it is beautiful and I find myself drawn back to it time and again.

By Aurora Glory

woman sitting on black chair wearing black body harness and holding whip

I love Auroras account of how she researched creating over exposured images but all she could find was how to not over exposure your photos and so she just took all the info and basically reversed. A genius move because it worked perfectly and she created a striking image with sharp contrasts.

Cleareyed Girl

Woman laying nude on her side facing the camera with full breasts and soft tummy

This is a particular powerful image especially when you read the words that go along side it that talk about her complex relationship with her body and how she feels about exposing it in such a way. She also asks the viewer what we see and my answer to her was that I see ‘beauty, femininity, strength and grace.’

Eugene Noale

Man with piecring blue eyes shaving his head with clippers

This shot by Eugene absolutely blew me away this week. It is beyond good in my opinion. I love that the brightness of the image means that the only real colour and therefore the points of interest in the shot are his eyes which are captivating and the dark tones of his beard and the hair that has fallen on his shoulder but the more you look at it the more those eyes draw you in. It is a truly great piece of photography.


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