Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 345

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 345

women with pink hair and pin up 50's style lingerie kneeling on the bed talking on old fashioned telephone

Just one a week to go until prompt weekend!

Welcome to the Weekly Round-up 345. This weeks it is my pleasure to welcome Bondage God to his first go at the round-up. You can find him on his own blog and on Twitter @bondagegod1

Bondage God’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

It was only April that I discovered Sinful Sunday. I do enjoying seeing the creatively that people put into their images. While sometimes a simple unplanned image can look equally impressive. I seen this said many times but it is genuinely hard to pick 5 images out of the wonderful set uploaded, this week is no exception.

Pain as Pleasure

One woman lacing another woman in victorian style corset and bloomers

I was automatically drawn to this image as the sepia finished style created a photo that looked it was from a past era in time. Upon closer viewing and with the writing that accompanies the photo further adds to my liking of the image. The scene has been perfectly captured at the point of the girls still being dressed into there corsets, while the restraints positioned on the table are a hint of what is to commence.

Candy Snatch Reviews

women with pink hair and pin up 50's style lingerie kneeling on the bed talking on old fashioned telephone

I do love the Mooy range of lingerie from Lovehoney and Candy Snatch has created a wonderful way to tell a story between the images. The style of telephone she is using adds to the creativity of the shot.

The Other Livvy

Mans hand on womans leg who is wearing lace stockings

This image is a lovely taken shot like time has stood still and this perfect intimate moment has been caught on camera, as his hand is delicately placed between the pair of black stockings. The wedding ring just adds to the closeness of the couple.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

woman laying on her side on the bed wearing pink striped panties

Such a simple photo yet there is so much of the photo that stands out. I love the white bedsheets and the splash of pink underwear to brighten up the dark upcoming winter nights. The image has been taken at the perfect angle as the inclusion of the foot adds an extra dimension to the way the image is presented.

Tabitha Rayne

naked woman with breasts and genitals covered by social media icons

This is a good way of getting a very important point across about bloggers being silenced on several social media sites and the importance of highlighting the #SOSS.


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