Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 346

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 346

Bee colour wax on womans bottom

Final reminder, this Sunday is prompt weekend.

The guest on the round-up this week is DokUrtybitz and he has introduced himself perfectly below so all I need to tell you is you can find him on his own blog DokUrtybitz and on Twitter @dokurtybitz

DokUrtybitz Top 5 Pics of the Week.

DokUrtybitz here. For those that may not know me I’m a some time poet, a geek (I’m active in three D&D games currently), and as I recently (well the idea was introduced to me a few years ago) discovered submissive (although much like my bi-polar diagnosis in retrospect it was a “well DUH,,” moment).

Bee colour wax on womans bottom

The colors and creative (as well as accurate) use of the different colored wax to create a Bee is what drew my eye to this image. I can almost see the Bee flying off to go suckle at another flower,,
She Bangs

topless woman with wet hair and lip piercing

The wet hair, the obvious nudity all drew me in, an invitation to see more of She-bangs. The nervousness of the bitten lip though is what initially drew my eye.

Kilted WookiesHairy man in showerThe fog and water on the mirror obscures but leaves tantalizing hints to the man reflected in the mirror. It makes me want to wipe the mirror clean, just so I can see what lies under the haze.

Annie SavoyFemale nude on bed with sunlight coming in windowAnnie Savoy’s loneliness shows in the bed empty but for her. I liked how the Sun’s rays seem to reach down to caress her and offer what solace they can from the cold morning.

GodemicheSilhouette of nude woman against blindsThe silhouette of Monika drew my eye to follow the lines and curves of her body. A shadow, waiting for interaction from the viewer to fill her with color.

Peace all, Dok


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