Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 348

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 348

Woman laying on her back with fishnet stockings on and legs up against the wall

I can’t believe I am writing this but the prompt for January is out now. Yes, it really is going to be 2018 in just a few weeks.

It is my pleasure to welcome a May More to the Sinful Sunday round-up this week. She is a relatively new contributor to the meme and it is lovely to welcome her to the part of Sinful Sunday too. You can find her on her own blog Sex Matters and on Twitter @more_matters

May More’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Even though Sinful Sunday is a fun Meme to be involved in, the participants often put in much time and effort to create just the right image for that week. With this in mind I took being a guest judge seriously and made sure I set aside enough of my time, to thoroughly view all the entries.

Choosing just five images has been extremely difficult. I know other guest judges have said the same thing, and I always think – yeah yeah, I could do it easily. But when faced with the task, examining each shot in so much detail, many different things suddenly pop out, and yet another one finds its way on to the increasingly long, short list. What particularly drew my attention was when a few words accompanied the picture, explaining it. Then I visualised a whole scenario opening up. That is the one thing my choices have in common. I have to confess after much deliberation I ended up with seven. My man got involved to help me whittle it down. And here they are in no particular order.

Rebel’s Notes

Woman laying on her back with fishnet stockings on and legs up against the wall

Marie said enough about scissoring for me to look it up. No, I didn’t know what it meant before, and no I haven’t tried it either. This is a clever set up where the two images are seen one after the other, so her legs appear to be moving. I chose this entry for the first shot, where Marie’s ankles are crossed. It’s a stunning view we are given from the top of her head, over her breasts. and down to her fishnet toes.

Exposing 40

I read the explanation before the image regarding a common situation in long-term relationships – when a couple are just not gelling, the result being this photo. Well, it literally blew me away. I sat back in my chair and just stared at it for a moment or two. Her stance and the angle of the image is so powerful. The greyscale edit works brilliantly showing minute details on her fabulous body, and whitewashing the background buildings. The photo leaves us in no doubt about what she wanted her husband to feel.

Exhibit A

Man with no trousers on holding champagne bottle in front of his cock with streamers exploding out of it

Once again the write up before the photo explains the idea behind the image and this was certainly a hot scene to imagine. There are so many reasons I chose this image. I can see it must have been great fun getting the shot at just the right moment when the streamers were firing. His legs look great and I love that we are also privy to the kitchen surround.


Man in black suit with black shirt and tie

As soon as I set eyes on this photo I wanted to see more. Here is Malflic in a black suit, black shirt and black tie and letting us see only so much. The poem fitted devilishly well with the image and both gave the promise of sin and I do so love sinning.

Innocent Loverboy

Hand and feet prints in the snow

Innocent Lover Boy does not give us many words to go on with, just the one line – Because you never know when – But that is the only sentence you need, as all you have to do is look at this photo to see so much more. In fact, I saw a whole story unfold. And who knows perhaps he will write it for us. 😉


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  1. slave sindee says:

    beautiful photos for sure

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