Sinful Sunday Round-up 368

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Round-up 368

Two womens feet against one mans chest

Final reminder that it is prompt weekend this week and if you have not already done so then you best spin the wheels to find out what your task is.

This week it is my great pleasure to welcome the lovely Confess Hannah to the round-up with this delicious selection of images she has selected . You can find her on her own blog Confess Hannah and on Twitter @confess_hannah

Hannah’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Sunday is my favourite day to be a sex blogger. I have a very visual mind, and all of the images shared every week for Sinful Sunday ignite so many emotions within me. Therefore it was not surprising that completing my first round up was much harder than I even thought it would be. I originally wished to be objective, to present a well-rounded round up, if you will, of distinctly different photos. However, I decided instead to opt for my gut, and chose photos which triggered the most overwhelming response in me.

Exhibit A

Man with crumpled shirt tails and his erect penis sticking out of his pants

Whilst I’m on the theme of things being rather hard, it is quite appropriate to seamlessly move onto one of my top 5 for this round up. I had the awful luck of looking at a handful of delicious torsos (all other photos which fell into this category were highly commended!) This photo features many things I am into: slightly ruffled shirts, a glimpse of a belt, the feeling of something rushed and unplanned…. And there’s something else, something I can’t quite put my finger on!

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Woman laying naked in bluebells

I remember seeing this photo grace my timeline and being in awe. I adore the feelings of tranquillity and serenity which wash over me when I take in all of this photo, the contrast between the blues and purples and Molly’s pale skin, her dark hair tumbling behind her gaze to the sky. This image is wonderful!

Fire and Honey

woman with big tummy sitting with legs spread in front of small circular mirror

What a perfectly framed photo! My eyes are drawn to the subject and I cannot help but look. I notice new details every time I do: different shadows, highlights, and the nail polish perfectly matching the frame which admittedly I missed at first. The contrasts between light and dark make for a mesmerising experience for the viewer. A perfect image.


Two womens feet against one mans chest

Talking of nail polish, this perfectly polished image stirred up a real plethora of stirrings (some familiar, some not so!). The tender stroke of the hand against one foot, another making gentle contact to the upper arm- small details of intimacy which bring a real warmth to the picture. But also, what beautiful feet! We have been graced with many wonderful pictures of feet this week, due to the current Kink of the Week topic, and although feet has never been a huge thing for me, it made me consider my own feet, paint my toenails and I have been staring at them more than usual lately.


Woman sitting on grass bank naked with her head bowed down on her knees

I imagine some of you will be fairly unsurprised that this was my favourite image this week .Outdoor photography, and by extension sex, is a massive kink of mine. We were blessed with so many wonderful pictures of the outdoors this week and I could quite happily have included all in this round up. But this picture has more. Missy has captured vulnerability so beautifully, and the photograph throws it back at the viewers in bounds. I can feel my feet against the vegetation, the chill in the air, and I can smell the dampness of the moss. The sky, matched with the grass, divided by the drystone wall is such a beautiful frame for the shot. I am completely captivated.


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