Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-Up 374

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-Up 374

suction cup on nipple with purple tint edit

The monthly prompt for July is out now so make sure you head over to that post and see what challenge I have set this time round

This week my guest on is Indigo Byrd who many of you will know blogs at Midnight at the Oasis. This is her first time doing the round-up. You can also find her on Twitter @midnightoasis64

Indigo’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I missed out on posting to Sinful Sunday – again. However it was some consolation to be able to come to the entire collection for this week with fresh eyes. (Not that, this made my selection process any easier.)

A to sub Bee

suction cup on nipple with purple tint editThe strength of this image captivated me instantly. There is something very sci-fi and “slave to the machine” about it which made my kinky little heart beat faster. The sharpness, composition, light, purple filter and the detail of the captured nipple all add up to a powerfully evocative photo.

Kinky and Perky

macro shot of mans testicles that he is cupping in his hand

Looking at this photo made me think I haven’t paid enough attention to this part of male anatomy in the past. I don’t mean in the sexual sense, but simply looking and appreciating. Maybe it’s the shine from the moisturiser, the close up detail of shape and texture, the composition or maybe it’s simply that it’s such a tasty image, but I felt compelled to include this in my choices.

Cammies on the Floor

mans penis and thighs covered in purple wax

Another “tasty” image. For some reason I thought of iced donuts. Reading the comments suggested I was not alone in this. The organic shapes, the purple blotches, and the pure evil of wax on hair focused my attention very well.


woman kneeling in swirling water showing her bottom and pussy between her legs editied in black and white

Although I was drawn to the light and shadow in this beautiful black and white image my first thought was “what a glorious arse”. Then the swirling water, the glimpse of Missy’s folds and – is that a trace of a cane on her back??? all added up to dynamic, sensual and intriguing image

Love and Lust in London

woman laying on the grass in bikin

There is something very painterly about this image. The soft colours, the low viewpoint and the air of unselfconscious pleasure all add to this effect and also presses some voyeuristic buttons for me as well.


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