Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 376

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 376

collage or topless woman in different types of hats

Don’t forget this coming Sunday is prompt time again.

Today I am delighted to welcome Jadis to her first time writing the weekly round-up. You can find her on her own blog Tits and Testtubes and on Twitter @TitsandTestTube

Jadis’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I had only just started participating in Sinful Sunday when Molly asked me if I’d like to do the round up for her one week. As honoured as I was, by the time this week came around I’d totally forgotten that I’d said I would do it. There was so much wonderful sexiness in the photos this week that picking out just five was really hard, but I had so much fun looking through all of your incredible photos.

A to sub-Bee

woman wearing striped alice in wonderland stockings

Even if I wasn’t a fan of Lewis Carroll’s ridiculous words and worlds, this photo would be brilliant because of its bright colours and wonderfully clear composition. As it is, Bee’s quote and the ‘this way,’ ‘that way’ labels on her stockings are fabulous and so very cute. (Also sexy. Alice in Wonderland combined with gorgeous legs and colourful stockings are very sexy.)

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Close up of Molly's bottom wearing white lace knickers

Molly’s photographs are always gorgeous, but this one in particular stood out. All the detail that is captured, with the little creases and the wonderful texture of her butt and the knickers themselves are very sexy. And the sunshine makes me smile, because we all know Molly is happiest when it is warm and sunny.


collage or topless woman in different types of hats

Missy’s photos this week were incredible: two sets of nine snapshots, portraying many fabulous hats and a lot of naked gorgeousness! I love how bold the shadows are, making some very striking images, and everything is so playful and sexy and fun. Though every time I try to work out exactly how many hats are showcased I get distracted…

Confess Hannah

Woman laying on sofa wearing just black pantiesI don’t think I’m being biased in choosing this one, because although this photo reminds me of my own sexy adventures this weekend, Hannah is utterly gorgeous. The composition of the photo suggests wistfulness combined with a sense of oh that was wonderful, and the line of her body is really beautiful.

Rebel’s Notes

looking down womans body who is toples to her red lace knickers

I adore the colours in this photo: Marie’s tattoos and red knickers are so wonderful and bright. The angle of the photo is enticing and sexy, and it feels like she is inviting us – or someone, at least – to reach in and hold her breasts. I also absolutely LOVE her freckles!


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