Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 387

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 387

Woman wearing latex hood and pink latex body suit

The new prompt for October is out now with an exciting new sponsor too so make sure you head over to that post for all the details.

In the meantime it is my great pleasure to welcome the Accidental Masturbator to the round-up this week. You can find him on his blog Accidental Masturbator

AM’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I’m chuffed to bits to be reviewing this week’s pics. I threw my hat in the ring back in February – it’s that popular a task – and there have been so many intervening weeks when I so wanted to be the reviewer. Now I’m here, it’s a tad daunting. There were more than 5 images I wanted to highlight, and rules are rules, yet I don’t want to disappoint anyone. Not that Sinful Sunday is meant to be competitive, but I know how much is invested in some of these images and I’m sure I’m not the only one sitting on the couch on Thursday evening, smartphone in hand, thinking Pick me!!! Pick me!!!
I’ll admit there are some pictorial themes that work for me more than others, both in terms of eroticism and visual art, so I’ve tried very hard to be as objective as one can be for something so utterly subjective. I dare say I’ve failed, but on with the show.


woman in self tied body harness of red rope

Bondage isn’t my thing. I can quite enjoy a little tie’n’tease, both top and bottom, and I can appreciate the artistry of shibari, but generally I can take it or leave it.
This is a very similar image to Loved You A Long Time’s All tied up and the text that went with that photo definitely gave me a hard-on well worth attending to. But what caught my attention here, was the title. If you’ve read much of my blog, you’ll know I like wearing a chastity cage, but that for the last 15+ years this has been exclusively without any involvement, or indeed first hand knowledge of anyone else, let alone my Wife. It is entirely only auto-erotic, so I can also completely empathise with Kinkystriped feeling the ropework was like a comforting hug.

Master’s Eye

womans eye looking out through white hair

There is something simultaneously inviting and uncomfortable about this picture: the voyeur is being watched. There is both positive and negative provocation in the stare, which is echoed in the the washed-out over-exposed edit. Utterly compelling.


Topless woman wearing white wet see through shirt

The wet T-shirt is a common trope, as is the unbuttoned white shirt. Both laudably so. The latter always makes me think of Katherine Hepburn and I would have just as readily stiffened if Submiss34f’s shirt had been bone dry. But you can’t really complain at a little wetness … can you?

Annie Savoy

Woman kneeling in red panties with bright blue nails

There’s a beautiful simplicity to this shot. Simple red lace knickers. Mondrian-esque shadows. And a hint of mystery too, because I can’t work out if those are Annie’s hands or someone else’s.  I think it’s a selfie, but I kinda hope it aint.

A Leap of Faith

Woman wearing latex hood and pink latex body suit

And finally …
To my mind, the kink exhibited on Sunday Sundays can be quite limited in it’s range: BDSM being the usual focus. From what I’ve seen of blogs, the internet in general, in sex shops, and considering the nouveau cultural beacon of 50 Shades, and I suspect that is quite representative of what the majority of pervs get up to behind closed doors. Yet the world of fetishes is far far broader than whips and chains. Whilst it can’t be said that I stray particularly far from well beaten paths with my preferred perversions, I do feel rubber is generally under-represented.

Now I’m not a fan of hoods. I’d go as far as to say they’re a turn-off for me. But they do help with anonymity and I most certainly do have a fetish for latex. So I’m decidedly jealous of A Leap Of Faith’s friend when it comes to helping her out with polishing duties. The thought of his reward is almost irrelevant. Almost!
(And I’m so in agreement about housework – If you’ve never done a spot of spot of dusting, paid the utility bills, or unloaded the dishwasher whist clad in skin-tight, shiny rubber, all the while hoping the post-man won’t need your signature when they deliver that discretely wrapped package, you don’t know what you’re missing.)


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