Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 388

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 388

Nude woman reaching up into a tree with shadows leaving patterns on her back

Before we get into this week sensational round up a little reminder that the prompt for October is out and sponsored by the fabulous @ErstiesPodcast.  Make sure you check that and them out as you have 2 and bit weeks to work on your ideas.

Now to this weeks round-up and I delighted to welcome back the very lovely Haiku to Sinful Sunday. You may know her from featuring in several Sinful Sunday images on Exposing 40’s blog of from her writing on Twitter where she is @19syllables

Haiku’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I’m just delighted to have been asked to do the round-up for Sinful Sunday again. It’s such a welcoming and positive meme that has nurtured photographers, bloggers, nudists and kinksters, those who wish to celebrate their bodies and those who are coming to terms with them. It’s always such a privilege and a thrill to be associated with it, either side of the lens, or here in the words. I don’t really know how to judge one image against another as some have challenging themes and others are just lovely to look at, so just picked the ones I like most. I hope you like them too.

Sex Matters

Woman naked in the garden with fishnets

I love this image; the incongruity of her clothing and her setting, the confidence in her posture. There’s a sense of glossy hyper-realism that reminds me of Guy Bourdin. I really like how her legs are almost mannequin-like in their perfection, but the texture of her hand is entirely real. It feels like the crossover point between art photography and fashion photography – could be straight from the pages of Vogue in a spread about hosiery trends, informative and illustrative with a hint of transgression.

Exposing 40

town house at night with man light up in the window

I really didn’t want to choose one of Exposing40s images as she’s a good friend and her photos so often make the roundup, but damn, this is good. The warm glow from within the house is juxtaposed with the shining, vitreous brickwork. The diaphanous curtains allowing just a hint of nudity, like a promise whispered, or a taunt. It’s a voyeur’s dream.

Cara Thereon

topless woman with pierced nipple leaning into the camera

On my first pass this photo didn’t jump out at me, I think because it doesn’t feed into the tried and tested language of erotic photography. For me this was a slow burner that more gradually got my attention. And then I liked it more and more. The angle at which the sitter leans in towards the lens, towards me, feels very intimate and real, as if that her pendant might just swing and catch the light, or I could just reach forward to cup and feel the soft weight of her breast. It’s a picture that invites me in, and that’s really clever.


woman sucking on black dildo

This one makes my heart beat faster. On the surface it’s a classic porn composition (nothing wrong with that!) but there’s something about the way Zebra Rose has edited the shot and the back-story that goes with it that, for me, makes it so much more. The gauzy filter on her face alongside the shiny blackness of the cock, her front-on focus at the job in hand and the soft focus treatment of the image that documents it – its clever and sensitive and strong.  I love it.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Nude woman reaching up into a tree with shadows leaving patterns on her back

I love the confidence of this, and true to my haikuist’s heart I love the seasonal nature of it too. It feels like a celebration of womanhood and fertility, making the very best of the golden glow of the low September sun without titivation or apology. Here Molly shows us how how sure-footed she is in her actions and her photography.


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