Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 394

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 394

Woman wearing white angle wings in the wood

Welcome to this weeks round-up and before I introduce my guest this week here is your last reminder for the November prompt weekend which is this Sunday!

Now onto this weeks round-up which is penned by the lovely Kinky and Perky. You can find him on his own blog Kinky and Perky and on Twitter @kinkyandperky

Kinky and Perky’s Top 5 Pics of Week

As with everything in my life, I have been overthinking this weekly round-up like I’m choosing the Booker shortlist. But I also think it’s good to scrutinise the way you judge imagery – to interrogate your aesthetic. For example, do I mentally “reward” contributors who have gone to a fantastic location – or is that letting the scenery do the work in place of an idea? Do I prefer the simple home compositions, reportage snaps that capture an ordinary charm or does that mean that they haven’t made the effort? Because making a selection means you DO have to judge and that is hard in a community that strives hard not to be judgemental.

So in the end, I decided to go with my guts, or maybe a bit lower. What were the images that managed to circumnavigate my overactive brain and produce a reaction. A catch of breath or widening of the eyes. Or a smile in recognition of a witty composition. In short, they were:


Woman laying on bed in hogtie with blue butt plug in her bottomThis image just leapt off the screen when I saw it for so many obvious reasons: shibari with ruby ribbons matching the nails, the plug. But the sheer drama of the pose and angle heightens the already high sexiness.


Woman wearing white angle wings in the wood

I chuckled when I saw SubMissy had apologised for her goosebumps, because they make the image for me: the absolute human clarity of her skin vs the ethereal fantasy shape of the angel as the image recedes. Enchanting.


woman sucking mans cock with her hair falling round her face

This is a perfect blend of abstraction and explicitness – I love how it challenges your brain to try to fill in the gaps created by hair and shadows. The intrigue draws the viewer in. Because the implied is ALWAYS hotter.

The Library of Nell

Underview of womans legs sitting with a bit of shaving foam between her legs showing in the corner

I loved this shot because it’s all about tensions between opposites: the soft, dark, warm flesh and the cold, hard white tiles; the curve of a woman’s body and the geometric straight lines; the idealised form of the smooth fleshed leg and the sharp focused soon-to-be-gone hair; the ideal and reality. And subtly done.


woman with ghost balloon between her naked thighs

This made me laugh out loud but it’s also more than just a fun pic: the soft glow of the light creates such a beautiful shapes and bonus points for a new take on Halloween.

As ever, hats off for everyone who took part because it really isn’t about winning. It’s using what your mama gave you to raise a smile and make someone’s week. And what could be a nicer aim than that?


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