Sinful Sunday Round-up 407

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Round-up 407

Woman in high heels with red panties round her ankles

Don’t forget THIS SUNDAY is prompt weekend!

I am delighted to welcome back Rebel to the round-up for what I believe is her third time here. She was the very first guest on the round-up back in 2012 and one of the earliest contributors to the meme who is still taking part today. You can find her on her blog Rebel’s Notes and on Twitter @RebelsNotes

Rebel’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

It’s wonderful to be back to do the Sinful Sunday roundup again, but damn, it’s so hard. Choosing the top 3 for Wicked Wednesday is hard and you would think that choosing five posts is a bit easier, but it’s not, especially since there are always so many beautiful images, showing sexy in many creative ways. I had about fifteen images I liked so much I wanted them in my top 5, and once I have narrowed it down, I realized that all photos had something in common: a kind of simplicity, something that immediately captures your attention and holds it.

Victoria Blisse

cleavage with nipple slipping out of her top

Essentially there are only two colors in this image, om various shades. What first caught my attention was Victoria’s lovely cleavage, and then the cheeky slip of the nipple that just didn’t want to stay inside that top. The image is simple, yet alluring and I like the sepia edit here.

Little Switch Bitch

You might think that the first that caught my attention here is the color pop of the panties, but actually it was those gorgeous heels. There’s a story here, one that LSB is not telling us. There is something so sexy about the heel caught on the strap of the panties, but even sexier is that those are open crotch panties. The story just got a lot more interesting!

My Controlled Ascent

self portrait of woman in the bath relfected in the tap

My eye was first drawn to the center of the image, then to Kisungura’s foot, and then back to the center. Only then did I see the reflection of her. I scrolled down, read the poem, and scrolled back. The combination of words and image is perfect, and showing this image in black and white makes it even stronger.

Focused and Filthy

black and white of womans bare back and bottom

This is a stunning black and white image of the curve of F&F’s back, the strength of her shoulders and the soft rounding of her bottom. The negative space in this image works perfectly to enhance the lines of her body. I found myself following those lines with my eyes, and drawing imaginary lines from spot to spot on her back. A beautiful, sensual image.

Candy Snatch

Candy in corset and stockings looking film noir beauty

Cleavage! That was the first that caught my attention in this image, but there is so much more… the intense black of her dress, the stockings, those black lines against her pale skin, her eyes, those heavy lashes and perfect eyebrows, the color on her lips. In my mind that must be a dark deep red. A beautiful image, and a perfect quote!


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  1. Great selection Marie, you have picked some of the ones which caught my eye too!

  2. slave sindee says:

    qwll done

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