Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 416

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 416

Woman topless in bathroom mirror with her jeans unbuttoned

Final reminder that this Sunday is prompt weekend and it is all about the Letter G

On the round-up this week the beautiful and talented Eye is selecting her top 5 images. You can find her on her blog Cleareyed Girl and on Twitter @_masterseye

Eye’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I have been submitting pictures to SinfulSunday for well over a year now and it has provided the weekly opportunity to exercise my sexy idea muscle in times of drought and glut alike (that sounds like a bad sex euphemism!). Thanks are due to all who join in, week after week, to entertain and titillate us and who populate our twitter timelines with beauty and filth every week.

It was a lovely way to spend the second long light evening of the year so far. Scrolling, responding and noting my responses to this week’s submissions and as always I thoroughly enjoyed the creativity, humour and sexiness of the entries.

I thought I might share my process for deciding on the ones I particularly enjoyed this week. Not for any reason than it might interest some.

Firstly, does the image leap out in the thumbnail? Does the edit make it stand out on the page?

Secondly, does it engage me enough to want to click through to the post? Is it taken from an unusual angle or is the subject matter unusual?

Thirdly, does it make me go unnnnnpppggghh? I have particular kinks and if an image keys into them it is a winner for me!

As a caveat, these points, are of course, entirely subjective and what I love and enjoy may not float your boat at all. However this week is my week to choose and wearing the SinfulSunday tiara as I survey the images has been the best evening I have spent at home in a quite a while.

I hope you enjoy my choices too

Floss does life

Woman in striped stockings with black bra and crucifx

I am a fan of an unusual angle and crop. The stripes dissect her body like armour or cords and this chimes with the poem that accompanies it. The graininess of the pictures add to the gritty nature of the composition.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Molly kneeling on bed wearing tartan socks and knickers

I haven’t worked out how to do this particular technique yet, but Molly has used it to such great effect here. The tartan knickers stretched over her rounded bum and the matching socks are a fun view of a sexy woman who is playing with us with this teasing shot


Man's bottom laying on the bed in early monring light

Curves aren’t usually associated with these kind of views of a man’s bum, but the curves made by the bedclothes and the curtains playing above it make this a beautiful image


Woman topless in bathroom mirror with her jeans unbuttoned

I love this uncommon commonplace shot.  Beautifully composed, the towel echoing the colour of her jeans providing  the perfect frame to those delicious boobs.  Really lovely

Master’s Pleasing Bitch

Woman sitting by the window eating breakfast naked

Special mention to this image which I feel exudes contentment and made me smile. I love the ease in this picture, the perfectly laid breakfast tray and the sun striping her body with such warm tones.


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