Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 417

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 417

Two woman legs under the table wearing fishnet stockings

Welcome to the weekly round up and this week it is my turn to select the top 5. The prompt this month was the Letter G and as always the breadth of subjects that people chose to cover was amazing. There will of course be a new prompt out very soon for next month but for now here are my selections from this weeks awesome list

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

My Controlled Ascent

Black and white of woman's breasts with googly eyes stuck all over them

G is for googly and whilst that sounds playful and silly what I really love about these images is that they are decidedly weird and almost a bit creepy. The boobs are watching you!

A to sub Bee

Close up of man's testicles

G is for Gonads and an absolutely stunning black and white close up of them. The details of the little hairs to the soft creases in the delicate skin and how it looks like it flows around his testicles is amazing. I will admit I spent a good long time with this gorgeous image.

Sex is my New Hobby

Woman holding large bunch of grapes in front of her vulva

G is for Grapes in the garden. I love the vibrant colours of the hedge and the grapes and how the contrast so perfectly with the soft creamy tones of her skin. She looks like some sort of ancient Goddess of temptation.

Master’s Pleasing Bitch

Black and white of woman's bare bottom sticking out of curtains

G is for glowing in the dark but I totally think this should have been G is glorious or gorgeous because that is what i think this stunning low light black and white of Julie’s bottom is. I love how the light in it is almost symmetrical in that the bright areas are her bottom and then the folds in the curtains directly above it.

Cleareyed Girl

Two woman legs under the table wearing fishnet stockings

G is for grab. All the colours in this image just seem to match, her nail polish, the colours in the skirt and the tone of their skin all comes from the same colour palate and alongside the pretty patterns of their fishnet stockings just makes for a captivating image that makes me wish I had been seated at this table too.



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