Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 421

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 421

Nude woman kneeling with fan held over her face

Yay for prompt weekend! I didn’t envisage outtake being a particularly tricky prompt for people but it turns out that it was. I understand people’s tendency to delete images that are less than optimal, but my experience has taught me that can be a mistake, and so if I have one piece of advise as a result of this prompt it is wait before deleting. Just give yourself some time because I have found that by doing so and coming back to images at a later date I often discover something in them that I didn’t see the first time round because all I saw was the ‘flaw’. Sometimes you just need time to be able to see past that.

Picking a top 5 is always tough but this time round I really couldn’t decide whether to try to pick on all images that made me giggle or all images that were stunning regardless of their perceived flaws. In the end I have gone for a mixture

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Kinky and Perky

Man laying on his bed with legs in the air with the head of his penis poking out between his thighs

Let’s start with one that made me giggle. It just looks like his dick is determined to get a look in on the action so to speak and although he also the posted the image he was trying to get this one is definitely my favourite because of the unruly penis.

Victoria Blisse

Woman laying on her back naked but for a scarf looking up at the camera

So this in an image that Victoria felt was an outtake image because she wasn’t smiling in it. She says she is a smiler and feels that images where she is not smiling are not right however something about it stopped her deleting it and as time past she decided she rather liked it and I am glad because as far as I am concerned I think she looks smokin’ hot in it. That direct intense gaze at the camera is utterly captivating and sexy as hell, just like the rest of her.

Rebel’s Notes

Nude woman kneeling with fan held over her face

I will be honest here and say it took me a moment to spot why this one was an outtake image. The colours in this, how the fan and her tattoo seem to match and her curves are so beautiful that it wasn’t until I read her words that I spotted the remote control trigger in her hand and somehow it just seems to fit with the image.

Focused and Filthy

Womans labia and legs with dildo sliding out of her

This is another one where the author feels the image is an outtake, which is what really matters, but I think this is a completely WOW picture. The movement of the dildo reminds me of one of those fucking machines and it is easy to imagine it thrusting in and out of her which is a very sexy thought. I really do find this image incredibly hot.

A to sub Bee

nude woman bottom sticking up in field of green grass

And I am going to end on an image that made me giggle. The title, Where’s Wally? is very apt as Bee is fairly lost in this landscape, if it where not for the slight glimpse of red hair you might almost mistake her white botty for a patch of the white flowers.



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  1. Thank you, lovely!

    Rebel xox

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    beautifully done

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