Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 424

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 424

Womans bottom peeping out from under babydoll nightie

Absolutely last reminder that this Sunday is prompt weekend

This week I am delighted to welcome Tom to the round up. You find her and her beautiful photography on her blog I have loved you a long time and on Twitter @The_Other_me_9

Tom’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I was so pleased to be asked to pick my favourite 5 images and write about them this week. I don’t blog a lot but this is one I try and do, if not weekly, then monthly, I love prompt week. But I was also a bit daunted! I’m no writer and not good with words and grammar, but I do love images! So please ignore my unskilled writing and I hope you enjoy my top 5.

It feels so special to be able to share our photos like this, to be proud of our bodies and sexuality. To be able to be ‘Us’ among a body positive community who feel the same way.

Sex Matters

Nude woman leaning up against woodpile

I love the contrast between the course wood and the beautiful skin of her body and gorgeous bottom! (I am a big fan of bottoms) It’s the image of hard and soft, rough and smooth..beautiful.

Exposing 40

Naked woman bouncing on trampoline

This is so much fun and is making me want to strip off and jump up and down too! It brings back memories of doing this as a little girl, I can still remember the feeling of freedom and the joy of going higher and higher and Looking over the neighbours fence, But naked trampolining has to go on my wishlist!

Focused and Filthy

Womans bottom peeping out from under babydoll nightie

Beautiful black and white photo of one of my favourite things. The pose is so ladylike and then the flash of her cheeky bum. Makes you want to reach out…

I love F and F photos, they are getting better and better and look forward to seeing what she does next.

Kilted Wookie

Mans penis on womans breast

Oh I love this image, a lot, I think it’s just because it could be me, pressing my husband’s cock on my nipples, I could go on and on, it’s one of those images that gives me a lot of thoughts in my head!

Alethea Hunt

Medical staples and ribbon on womans back

This is a wonderful piece on Real Life mixed with playtime.

I’m not familiar with using Staples. I was really intrigued when I first saw the image and had to look hard and enlarge the image. It’s so beautiful, especially as it’s the ribbon used in her wedding invitations. Very poignant. It’s something I’ve never thought of, but now I’ve seen it the image keeps popping up in my head.
Could I handle the pain?
I wonder what it feels like.
Am I brave, strong enough to try?

This was just 5 from 41, I could have chosen way more..I wish I could!
Go and check out the others if you haven’t already seen them.


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