Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 427

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 427

Woman laying topless on sand beach with pink sun setting in the distance

Don’t forget the July prompt is out now and the first Sunday of the month is fast approaching

This week I am truly delighted to welcome Annie Savoy to the round-up.She is a very talented self portrait photographer and you should totally check out her blog Annie Savoy and you can also find her on Twitter @asavoywrites

Annie’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Getting to choose my top 5 photographs for Sinful Sunday is a wonderful task. What an embarrassment of riches we get every week! I chose five pictures that featured beautiful light and color as well as hints of a story. These are five pictures I went back to, pictures that drew me in and invited me to stay and wonder.

Steeled Snake

Light shining through womans hair

Even in the thumbnail my eye was drawn to this photograph of sunlight streaming through rich purple against that light lemony background. I love the angle of the shot, the hint of her torso and I wonder where she’s looking and what she’s thinking. Such a beautiful, deceptively simple shot of quiet contemplation.

No Pants Endurance

Man laying in tent with hard penis poking up

I laughed at the title but then I kept coming back to the light shining through the tent walls, illuminating his “morning wood.” Also, the relaxed way he lies in the close confines of the tent, so comfortable and at home in this space. This picture reminds me of sexy fun I’ve had in tents and also the glory of waking up, separated from the open outdoors by just a thin nylon shell. Such a lovely picture, both in composition and mood.

Purple’s Gem

Woman laying topless on sand beach with pink sun setting in the distance

Glorious. In all ways. That incredible sky painting her gorgeous breasts, the dark fall of her hair onto the sand. Such sensual delights. Littlegem’s body has a slight thrum of tension through it and is perfectly positioned slightly off-center. I particularly love the feeling that she’s waiting.

Accidental Masturbator

Man wearing orange latex pants and stocking bending over

An absolute explosion of color! The pose is perfection and the orange and black rubber outfit is strikingly sexy. I think the wrinkles add the charm of realism and they seem touchable. I want to reach through the picture and slide my finger inside those stockings and see how they feel. I also love the symmetry in the composition and the sharpened focus towards the center. Such gleeful colorful fun!

Blue Submission

Women flashing her breast under large mural of nude woman

I have a mad passion for street art and this picture makes me so happy. The round zaftig painted women with their pink skin and rosebud lips and sultry blue with her dress seductively peeking open. I love the light that streaks over blue’s leg and the way it glances off her breast and her hair. After this picture was taken, I expect that she closed her dress just enough to continue walking down the street until perhaps a dimly lit alley tempted her to take everything off. And I hope she did.

Annie did try and sneak in a bonus number 6 but I am ruthless about the 5 pics rule because I am a meany!


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  1. Annie Savoy says:

    Haha! I didn’t know if that would get get thru but I had to try 🙂

  2. NPE says:

    Thanks for the share!

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