Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 448

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 448

small vanity mittor with womans boobs reflected in it and city skyline in the background out the window

The prompt for December is out now and it another letter prompt

Welcome to Weekly round up 448

I want to say a massive big thank you to the Julie for stepping in and taking over this weeks round-up at the last minute when the person who was scheduled was unable to do it. I tweeted out asking for help and she popped up almost immediately and I really can’t thank her enough for doing so. You can find her on her blog Master’s Pleasing Bitch and on Twitter @MPBjulie

Julie’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

It has been a while since I last did the Sinful Sunday roundup and when Molly put out the call for someone to step in to this one, I jumped at the chance. I am always in awe of the creativity of fellow bloggers, there is just so much talent out there. But also, that people are so willing to share such beautiful images, often of their own or their partner’s body. The challenge, as always was in choosing only 5.

The Artful Muse

woman in collar in bdsm dungeon reflected in mirror

I’m a sucker for photos that creatively use a mirror. I love the glimpse of her face, complete with pensive smile. The beautiful collar, the lighting and the delightfully wicked equipment on show provide the onlooker with an insight of what is to come.

Sex Matters

topless woman laying on stairs of deralict house

May and her man find some fabulous locations for their photographic exploits. We often discover locations and realise later that we have missed an opportunity. This derelict building is perfect. The graffiti and the roughness of the walls enable the outline of May’s body to shine through. Because her boots and trousers almost blend in, her breasts are highlighted in the dim light.

Focused and Filthy

naked woman lit by glow in the dark stickis

Missy takes some beautiful images, and this is no exception. The creativity of using the glow sticks from bonfire night before they faded is inspired. I was left wondering why I’ve never thought to do that. But then there is talent in producing the photo too and Missy certainly has that. The way the coloured lights shine on her body is beautiful.

Annie Savoy

small vanity mittor with womans boobs reflected in it and city skyline in the background out the window

Annie’s photograph provides another mirror image. But this time we have the bonus of a window too. Frequent visitors to my Sinful Sunday posts will know that I love window views. I was struck by the contrast of the blues and greys of the city against the clarity and colour Annie’s body seen in the small mirror.


Hotel rooms offer fabulous opportunities for sinful photography and Missy and HL definitely took theirs in this set of images. The black and white photograph sets the mood, but the coloured one provides the detail. I love that the close-up stockinged leg teases us just slightly. But also, the detail on Missy’s basque is beautiful.


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