Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 449

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 449

Nude woman laying on the beach

Reminder time as usual that we are rushing towards the final prompt weekend of the year

In the meantime I am delighted to welcome sub-Bee-keeper back to the round up. You find him on Twitter @sub_Bee_keeper and also behind the lens and sometimes on the page at A to sub Bee

sub-Bee-keeper Top 5 Pics of the Week

Francesca Demont

Woman in latex top open showing her cleavage

I must admit, I was first drawn to this because of one thing… Latex! I’m a huge fan of a sensual second skin and I had to laugh when I saw the effect an expanding pair of boobs had on the hard working buttons. Your explanation of how you eventually captured that amazing shot just adds to the camera geek inside me.

The Artful Muse

Side image of female nude

This is a fantastic shot. The composition drags my eye immediately to the right and holds it there although that could be for other reasons. For a “quick snap” I applaud you.


Woman in harlequin stockings

I’m always amazed at how sexy a photo can be when nothing is on show. Those stunning stockings leading up to a small tease of thigh is enough to make this stick in my mind. We hope you won’t be too busy to say hi next year at Eroticon.

Purple’s Gem

Nude woman laying on the beach

I chose this image for two reasons. Firstly, who doesn’t love a secluded beach where you can strip off and enjoy the sun, sea and sand. Secondly this photo reminds me of my Bee. Being by the sea always brings a smile to her face and a twinkle to her eye.

Pain as Pleasure

woman wearing leather harness

If you are familiar with our site you may notice that I have the tendency to take more close up shots. The texture you have picked up in the leather of the straps and flogger somehow allows me to almost feel how they would feel in my own hands and on her skin. A great photo.


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