Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 450

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 450

Nude topless woman holding camera

Final reminder. This Sunday it is prompt weekend, the final prompt of 2019

This week it is my pleasure to welcome back Little Switch Bitch to the round-up. She last did the round-up back in 2017 so it is lovely to have her back here again picking her favourites. However she was a bit of a naughty one and tried to sneak in 6 pics which is absolutely not allowed however thank you for the lovely words about my image they very much made me smile. You can find her on her own blog Little Switch Bitch and on Twitter @_littlesbitch

LSB’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I am delighted to be back to do another roundup. I adore the SinfulSunday project and I owe so much to it for how I see myself and in fact, how I see others. I don’t just see a body anymore – I see a story. Molly has created something so wonderful and I 100% encourage anyone to take part. As always in no particular order.

The Artful Muse

Nude topless woman holding camera

I am delighted Muse has decided to blog her images because they are always so beautiful, delicate and feminine – this image is so natural. I love the addition of the filter, for me, it feels as if she used this camera to take the image and the flash reflection captured little rainbows. I love the lighting and the way she has her hair resting on one shoulder so we see the beautiful curve of the other.

Degrees of Zero

Woman with red lipstick and letters pixeling out her eyes

The title Zero used here is awesome and the idea of using actual words to protect anonymity is just so bloody clever. The red lipstick which not only highlights and enhances her lips so beautifully also adds a naughty, sexy vibe to image because her lips just automatically pop, I love how we can clearly see each line on them. Her closed fist suggests a vulnerability to me, has a “yes, I am brave to share, but equally, kinda scared to” vibe. Her septum piercing has made me wanna pierce mine even more!


silhouette of woman in lingerie sitting in window seat

Well now if all people sit in windows and watch looking like this then I most definitely need to be more observant of windows. This image is sexy AF – I am a sucker of silhouette style. Missy’s legs are just incredible here – the outline of her legs is just bloody wow and the way that stocking strap pushes into her – oh holy Jesus! It deserves to be a poster somewhere.

Annie Savoy

nude woman face down in the bed with her bum in the air
Oh Annie, you can never post something wrong in my eyes – I adore your images! This I wonder who took it – was it in the middle of something? At the start? Or at the end? That clenched hand on the bedsheets gets my mind racing. Ruffled bed sheets and pillows scattered everywhere. This has the ability to pull incredible stories so you should submit it to Masturbation Monday!


woman with ball gag in her mouth and dribble hanging down
This image is here simply because it oozes a raw, sexy, filthy feel to it! I love gags, I love how vulnerable to make me feel – this image captures exactly that and that red lipstick adds and even filthier feel to the image. Scrolling down, that drool seems to last forever – I am impressed Ouzzi managed to capture it. Oh and the addition of boobs at the end of the image – perfection.


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