Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 459

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 459

nude legs and bottom in striped black and white light

It is sooooo nearly February which means this Sunday is prompt weekend.

This week I am delighted to welcome Jupiter Grant to the round up for the first time. You can find them on their their blog Jupiter’s Lair and on Twitter @GrantJupiter

Jupiter Top 5 Pics of the Week

I love a bit of sin and naughtiness, and I really enjoy sexy, beautiful images, so Sinful Sunday has long been a favourite meme of mine. Seeing all the artistically sensual (or should that be sensually artistic) offerings each week really gives my Sundays a positive vibe. So I was excited when the fabulous Meme-Mistress Extraordinaire, Molly Moore, invited me to do this week’s Round-Up. The number of posts being shared each week is on the rise, and so there were lots of gorgeous images to peruse this week, and doing so really sparked my sexy imagination. It’s a tough call to choose just 5 to highlight, but after some very enjoyable deliberations, here are my five favourites for Sinful Sunday Week 459.

My Controlled Ascent

nude legs and bottom in striped black and white light

I always love Kisungura’s images. She comes up with such creative concepts and executes them beautifully. “Contours” makes me think of a sensual isobars on the weather-map of Kis’ body, and the undulating curves and lines really draw me into the image.

Little Switch Bitch

Green clothes pegs on womans breast

There’s so much in these images that appeals to me. The vivid splash of bright lime coloured clothes pegs against the black and white; the sight of those pinching clips reaching out towards the camera like some kinky “Day of the Triffids”, and the delicious marks from the bites of all those green teeth. Terrific shots!

Life of Elliot

Man wearing bathrobe with his penis showing

I love this cheeky glimpse into Elliott’s robe! The play of the light that reflects through the robe, the blurred background, and the relaxed way that the robe falls open reminds me of lazy Sunday mornings and those intimate glimpses after all the excitement of a sexy Saturday night….

Posy Churchgate

man wearing bra with wet shirt over the top

Charlie is without a blog, but with the assistance of the wonderful Posy Churchgate he has visited Sinful Sunday with some hot as fuck shots of him in a wet white shirt and women’s underwear. I find men in women’s underwear incredibly sexy, I love a white shirt and, when you add the sensual cascade of water into the mix, the sexy combination turns me into a wet puddle, too!!


woman laying face down with her wrists tied behind her back

I love the ‘strength in submission’ vibe of this image and the accompanying words. And the light and shadows, strong muscles and supple curves make this image so powerful and so beautiful.



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  1. Thank you, Jupiter, I am honored.

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