Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 462

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 462

woman screaming with mans hand round her face

Welcome back to another weekly round-up and this week my guest is Stella Kiink who is returning for her second time to the round-up. You can find on her on her blog Stella Kiink and on Twitter @stellakiink

Also don’t forget that we are only just over a week away to the first Sunday of the month and that means prompt time again!

Stella’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Focused and Filthy – Guest Post

Nude mand holding drinking in front of wood buring stove

Who doesn’t love a naked man by a fire? I love the tone and angle of this picture, the warmth of it. I do hope he will make another appearance in the future. And yes, I would offer myself to the man by the warm firelight.

Deviant Succubus

woman screaming with mans hand round her face

Her pictures never cease to amaze me. This one stands out especially to me and I can’t quite figure out why. The soft focus of his hands holding her, grabbing her. The only splash of colour in her hair and makeup. Maybe a scream of realizing the freedom in her submission.

My Controlled Ascent

Nude woman covered in shadow polka dots

I could not stop looking at this picture. The light and shadow, black and white. It took me a moment to see the beautiful body camouflaged by polka dots. The more I look the more I see. I will miss her words and pictures, but wish her all the best as she steps back to focus on herself for a while.

Maria Open’s Up

Nude of woman infront of constallation wallpaper

I see a beautiful goddess against the star lit sky and it speaks to me. I know how difficult it can be to see the beauty in a body you aren’t completely comfortable or confident in. Thank you for coming back to this photo and sharing it with us.

I have loved you a long time

nude of woman with tulip in front of her tummy

All of the photos are lovely but especially love this one. I like the soft tones and the way her body becomes the backdrop to the flowers while still being the focus. I can totally picture it hanging in a gallery. It is pure art.


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