Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 468

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 468

Looking through womans legs past her cunt to reflection of her bottom covered in welts

I keep forgetting what the day of the week is and as a result the round-up totally slipped my mind. Apologise to everyone for it being late but especially to the lovely and amazing F Dot Leonora who wrote the round-up this week. However due to a miscommunication Leonora only picked 3 images for this weeks round up and so I have added two picks of my own.

You can find her on her one blog F Dot Leonora and on Twitter @fdotleonora

Leonora’s Top 3 Pics of the Week

I always love Sinful Sunday although I have not done one in ages. I always love the creativity in the photos, and the words that accompany them—or not.

There were so many great posts this week, and it was hard to just pick five as always! But I did

The Life of Elliot

woman wearing green corset looking up at the camera

This one has no words, but this image is so dreamy and full of wish. Breathtaking.

Focused and Filthy

Nude woman in cage

Containment manifests in a way other than what we are currently becoming used to…and it is exquisite…

Annie Savoy

Black and white nude of woman with shadow x on her body

The shadows on this remind me of Bill Brandt, completely gorgeous!

Molly’s 2 Pics of the Week

The Artful Muse

Woman laying on bed with white lace knickers and pink striped socks

Because I love socks and this image definitely fits into my evidence folder that Sock are Sexy!

ML Slave Puppet

Looking through womans legs past her cunt to reflection of her bottom covered in welts

This image gives me some massive feels. I sooooo miss being hurt and marks and this image makes my body twitch with longing and desire.




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2 Responses

  1. Thank you, F Dot, DreamCatcher will be pleased.

  2. Annie savoy says:

    Thank you!! I’m so pleased and the company I’m in is incredible!

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