Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 471

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 471

Womans breasts wrapped in cling fling

I can’t believe we are fast approaching the May prompt but it is just over a week away so check out the post if you want to know what your challenge is this month

This week I am thrilled to welcome back my good friend and amazing blogger Girl on the Net to the round-up. If you don’t know her, then you need to correct that and go find her on her blog Girl on the Net and on Twitter @GirlontheNet

Girl on the Net’s Top 5 Pics

I’m a fraud, really, because who am I to judge sexy images when I am so bad at taking them myself? I have picked five that leapt out at me and whispered sexy thoughts into my ears, but honestly every single one of the beautiful photos from last week’s Sinful Sunday was worthy of applause. I have stared too long at all of them that picking favourites feels like cheating, but for what it’s worth here goes…

Name Unmentionable

Reflection of woman in mirror

Perhaps it’s something about lockdown, but I find myself really appreciating and reveling in images and words that can take the stifling situation and show the simple beauty of feeling comfortable and at home there. Like those moments of tranquility when you wake up in the morning, just before you remember what’s going on. So for this utterly gorgeous shot, which evokes morning stretches just after a soft and glorious night, thank you Un_Mentionable. The mirror framing the shot, and the general mess of life going on outside it, is an excellent metaphor for the way that enjoying our bodies can sometimes help us enjoy the beauty of the moment and block out what’s outside.

Lascivious Lucy

Womans breasts wrapped in cling fling

This next picture I love because of its pure kink factor: plastic wrapped by Lascivious Lucy shows off so many sexy angles of Lucy’s body, as well as a selection of excellent ways to use cling film. Wrapped tightly and firmly across the bum, carefully entwined around lips, or draped almost casually across tits, where the shiny plastic covering pulls taut against hard nipples. Being bound in cling film has always been something that’s interested me, but never more so than when I saw this pretty photoset.

Love and Lust in London

quadtych of pictures of male form

This selection of black-and-white shots from Love and Lust in London really caught my eye, and not just because I am an absolute slut for a beautiful pair of hands. I like the idea of turning the camera onto parts of your body you don’t usually show, and especially the expanse of skin and the way holding particular positions gives an impression of the tension involved in holding still in that particular position. But also, yeah, I’m a massive slut for hands. Especially ones which are poised to play piano.

Victoria Blisse

topless woman looking up at camera with mouth open

You will notice that this next choice is quite similar to the one I made below, and that’s because I am a sucker for the beauty of people’s upturned faces. Victoria Blisse’s glorious open-mouthed, naked shot has an immediacy that makes me wonder if she was crying out with joy while it was taken. This image looks gorgeous, but it also makes sounds too: it sounds like lust, and I love it.

Queer and Confused

person with silicone dick on their mouth and black mascara tears on face

I am too predictable. I mean obviously – OBVIOUSLY – my favourite image for this Sinful Sunday is this utterly astonishing, beautifully vulnerable, sloppy-make-up-drizzled masterpiece from Queer and Confused. It’s not just because I adore the messy eyeliner (though, naturally, as commenters have pointed out the smudgy tear-streaked hotness is a huge part of the appeal), it’s also the perfect expression, the look in Quenby’s eyes as they glance up and beyond the camera towards the sky. Fuckkkkk. Yes. A thousand times yes with cherries piled on top by the bucketload.


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