Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 473

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 473

Looking up womans body wearing a strap on and big dildo cock

Usually when it is prompt week I do the round up. It just seems to have become tradition but this month the prompt was Annie Savoy’s idea and it seemed only right to invite her to do the round up as a result. You can find Annie on her own blog Annie Savoy and on Twitter @Asavoywrites So here she is…

Annie Savoy’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Oh I love this prompt. I love it as much for everyone’s creativity and interpretation as I do the struggle. As I wrote in my own post, these are weird times and reality is hard to face. Filters and edits are vastly preferable. Also, like many of you, quarantine has taken away much of my privacy and provided very few environments to take sexy pictures. So with all those factors in play, mad respect to everyone who played this week and posted something that felt vulnerable or shared what made this prompt particularly difficult. I also really enjoyed reading about the kind of editing everyone normally does and how many pictures you took to get the shots you wanted. My choices below leaned towards those photographers who set up their shots and worked hard to get the ones they wanted.

On Queer Street

small mirror in front of sex books reflection womans pubic hair

Gorgeously designed and staged. I love the implied life story here. The books on the shelf and the reflection in the mirror combine into a sensual and intriguing peek behind the scenes. Truth, Identity and Discovery indeed. Beautiful and revealing.

The Life of Elliot

topless woman in a field

The picture is stunning, the description of the process is hilarious. I’ve spent so many hours of my life repeating this exact scenario. But if the results are this lovely, light drenched and full of energy and movement, what better way to spend an afternoon?

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Looking past threads in rope to womans pubic hair

Everything Molly says in her post is right on and she confirms what we originally thought about this prompt: when you know you can’t edit a shot you will take more time and patience to set it up. But also, the more photos you take in general, the more you try to save yourself the editing time by setting up shots carefully so that there’s less work to do after. I enjoyed how she captures the labor and perhaps the frustration involved in seeing something perfect and struggling to capture it exactly as she sees it in her mind’s eye. Of course she’s Molly so she nailed it! That fuzzy knot of the rope and the reciprocating flutter of her pubic hair in the background is the most delicious story that I definitely want to hear more about.

Discovering Kink

topless woman reflected in small make up mirror

Perfection. Exactly exactly perfect. I’m a huge sucker for a mirror shot and this one knocks it out of all the parks. I appreciate the work involved in the set up and the number of experiments needed to keep that reflection on point, not to mention the focus points and the depth of field. It’s truly magnificent, and even with editing I wouldn’t change a thing.

Modesty Ablaze

Looking up womans body wearing a strap on and big dildo cock

This picture is a knock out punch of sexy power and I’m completely flattened by it! The angle, the framing, those thigh highs, the superhero pose and that incredible dick! Modesty Ablaze is the Mistress we all dream about and we are here to serve. How lucky are her slaves?

Thank you so much to everyone who played this week. I appreciate the risks, the effort and all the incredibly raw and vulnerable results.


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  1. Dream will be so pleased, thank you Annie.

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