Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 474

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 474

woman writing haiku on womans back

For the round-up this week I am delighted to welcome back Victoria Blisse. You can find her on her own blog Victoria Blisse and also on Twitter @victoriablisse

Victoria Top 5 Pics of the Week

I sometimes wonder how hard making these kind of decisions really is. I mean, everyone says it’s so difficult. But hell, it really is difficult! I had a list I had to shave down and shave down until I got these 5 absolute gems that spoke to me in many visceral and tender ways. Decisions are hard especially when there are so many genius, hotties joining in with Sinful Sunday. Good job to you all! You made it torturous to pick just 5 images…and I kinda like being tortured!

Little Switch Bitch

Before I saw the words, the image spoke to me of seasons changing and moving. Blossom arrives and blows away. it’s purpose to be in some way destroyed to make the new. I love the artistry in this image. And the quote just adds the cherry on the cake. This speaks to me in wisps and soft sighs and I love it.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

I adore fantasy and fairytales. It’s my favourite genre to read in and Molly’s image leaps straight to me from a high fantasy book. It’s a beautiful bluebell fairy-tale. Magic and lust entwined together beckoning eagerly. I wanna dive right in!

Happy Come Lucky

This is such a voyeuristic delight. The photo is so natural and innocent until you notice it’s not then you can’t stop noticing that it’s really not innocent at all. It’s a calm captured scene that inspires stories in my mind of adventures still to come.

Focused and Filthy

woman writing haiku on womans back

Writing, any kind of writing is going to capture my attention.
Poetry? Oh I’m sold. You’ve just completely captured my heart.
And a Haiku on Haiku, well that appeals to my sense of humour too. Fantastic!
I love this. It’s sensual and arty but sweet and silly and sexy all at once and I adore playful sexuality. Serious has it’s place but fun definitely does too!

A to sub Bee

Yay! Lists! I adore lists. I make lists of lists too! They are my comfort blanket and when the world is madness I straighten it into a list. So seeing this list written on a body spoke viscerally to me. Sometimes I feel like I’m a composite of my lists and not in such a fun way. But this list is a wonderful one captured in such a sensual way it makes me smile and ache and imagine how my own fuckit list would look adorning my curves.


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