Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 475

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 475

Woman in knickers and bra grabbing her soft belly fat

Yes it is time to start work on your image for the June prompt. Check out the latest post to see what your challenge is this time round.

This week I am delighted to welcome Isabelle Lauren to the round-up this week. You can find her and her gorgeous writing on her blog Isabelle Lauren and on Twitter @RomanticIsa

Isabelle’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I’m so grateful to Molly for asking me to pick this week’s pictures for the roundup. I don’t participate in Sinful Sunday as often as I’d like, but I do always love checking out the various entries. I’m always blown away with how artistic people are. I’ve had a tough week so far and having to take time to look through the amazing entries for this week has been a balm for my soul. It’s so hard to pick my favourites, but I managed to do it. In no particular order:

Focused and Filthy

topless woman behind purple tulips

I absolutely love this image. The colour of the flowers is amazing and with the out-of-focus nude behind it, it makes for a very alluring photo. I love how much joy I get from looking at this picture – both because of the beautiful flowers and because of the gorgeous body behind it. I’d print it out and hang it on the wall if I could. It’s pure art!


Woman in knickers and bra grabbing her soft belly fat

I love pictures of “real” bodies and this one is particularly compelling. Maybe because it’s kind of how my own body looks. I agree with Michelle: too often we only see the touched up photos of people’s bodies (especially in the media) and this photo is a good reminder of how sexy bodies are that have folds and curves. I love the softness of her belly and the way her hands grip the folds. SOO sexy!

The Horny Hunter

Man doing ironing in the nude

I generally prefer to ogle sexy pictures of women rather than men, but there’s something so alluring about this photo. I think it’s a combination of that perfectly sculpted ass with the fact that he’s doing something as mundane as ironing. And yes, I’ll admit that I think men doing household tasks are hot. I could stare at this picture forever!

Blue Submission

Woman bottoms with view of city through window beyond her

I love this photo so much. I can’t stop looking at it. The lighting is amazing – and of course the gorgeous ass and thighs are delicious-looking! It’s such an inviting picture, I find. Especially the softness of the covers in the foreground, it just begs company. I also love the play on the title of this picture. The room has a nice view to the outside, but for me, the best view is what’s on the bed.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

bulbous head of glass dildo with pubes reflected on the stem

I absolutely love glass dildos, they are my favourite to play with. Just something about the coolness of the glass, although I like mine warmed up sometimes as well. This picture is so well-shot, it makes me wish I was a better photographer. I love how the background is duplicated inside the glass of the dildo, almost making it seem like Molly is in the dildo. And of course the evident wetness on the dildo is very arousing.


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  1. Ovhu69 says:

    Hi there, wanted to give “likes” to Blue submission and Molly’s daily kiss 😘 but my cellphone ‘denies’.
    Blue sub bum have a nice color, not blue yet but…..💪🏼😍.and the glass…..have newly been used….😋😷

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