Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 477

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 477

woman nude reflected in glass shower door

Don’t forget that this Sunday is prompt weekend!

This week I am delighted to welcome my very good friend sub bee back to the round-up again. You can find her on her own blog A to sub Bee and on Twitter @sub_bee

Bee’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I always get so excited when Molly asks me to do a round up but it was so long ago she asked me it had almost slipped my mind until i checked my calendar. So much had happened since she asked me and at the same time day to day life is so monotonous that it seems nothing is happening at all. So taking some time out of my week and sitting with a nice cuppa whilst picking the images felt like a real treat, except you all submitted such good images and I’m only allowed to pick 5!

Focused and Filthy

Woman with clothes pegs on her labia

I do love the pinch of clothes pegs so when I saw this one my eyes opened wide with glee! I particularly like the different colour pegs, green for ow, cream for getting closer and blue for OUCHIE! I think the goosebumps on her thighs tell us exactly how good all of this feels. Finally, her cunt being right in the centre of this shot makes the whole image so powerful too. 

On Queer Street

Person wearing just a t shirt laying on their front

When I opened up the Sinful Sunday page, this is what caught me eye. Who doesn’t love a bum pic, especially when it’s as good as this! What looks to be such a simple image is actually far from simple. The angle of the feet, the focus on the bottom and the adorable wrinkle of hir t-shirt all make a perfect bum pic.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

woman nude reflected in glass shower door

Just when you think someone can’t get any sexier, she gets sexier! My jaw dropped when I opened this for a better view. The reflection is perfect, I almost thought she was looking in a mirror to begin with. Then I noticed the water droplets on her breasts and the curl of her wet hair, which led me to that smile. I don’t think and amount of cleansing in a shower will wash away the filthy thoughts in her mind. 

Charlie X

Person in corset and fishnet stockings

WOW! That was about all I managed to say for quite a while when I was looking at this. I still can’t seem to form many other words. I do have a bit of a thing for amab people in stockings, lace and corsets so this set me alight! I do love the addition of the leather jacket too but just look at those fishnets…unnnffff! 

A Leap of Faith

Looking through womans bent legs to her labia

I love the coy look of innocence we see here. The legs tucked up with toes pointing inwards and crossed adds a sense of playfulness to the image. But it’s the peek of her pussy that makes this so sexy and you realise she isn’t that innocent at all.


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