Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-Up 512

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-Up 512

Neon love sign

Don’t forget this weekend is prompt weekend!

This week I am excited to welcome Kelvin Sparks to the round-up for the very first time. You can find Kelvin on his blog Kelvin Sparks and on Twitter @kelvinsparks_

Kelvin’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I’m so excited and flattered to be asked to write the weekly round up! While I haven’t submitted to Sinful Sunday before, I’m a long time lurker and I love looking at the gorgeous photos that people submit.

Love is a Fetish

neon love sign between naked thighs

I love the lighting here—the low light and mix of blues and purples feels really sensual. I also love the way the more intense lighting being on the inner thighs makes the tattoo more subtle—something you have to look for for a little while before you notice it hidden in the darkness!

Pain as Pleasure

mans torso with rope harness

Rope work is always gorgeous to me aesthetically, and this is no exception! I love the framing too—we see just enough of space around the body and a little bit of a garment to make this picture feel real and grounded, but not enough that there’s no mystery about what context this rope work is taking place in, leaving the mind free to fill in the blanks.

Life of Elliott..

womans torso wearing delicate white lace bra

The first thing I thought when I saw this picture was ‘that looks like a painting’. I’m not sure if it’s the lighting or the composition, but it feels like a portrait, and a really intimate one at that.

Happy Come Lucky

person holding large metal dildo behind their back

I love all three pictures Honey submitted this week, but the middle one is my favourite. The angle here—from just below looking up—and the desaturated and dark colours make the figure this picture focuses on seem so central and powerful. I also love that the desaturated colours leads my eye to move around the picture, from legs to dildo to nail polish to hair.

Deviant Succubus

naked person looking back over their shoulder at the camera

The over-the-shoulder is a classic pose, and for good reason! I love the look in DeviantSuccubus’ eyes—it feels powerful and challenging and makes them feel like a very active part of the experience of looking at this picture of them!


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