Sinful Sunday Round-up 516

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Round-up 516

woman wearing strap on dildo

Don’t forget that this Sunday is prompt weekend

I am delighted to welcome Joanne back to the round-up this week. You can find her on her own blog Joanne’s Reviews and on Twitter @joannesreviews

Joanne’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I was delighted when Molly asked if I would do another #SinfulSunday roundup. I consider it an honour to have been asked to do so.

With that, though, looking through the fabulous entries and only selecting five to include in this roundup became a problem. It was a difficult choice indeed as every entry had its own story, and each is worthy of inclusion here.

I am an irregular contributor due to health issues and other real worldly “stuff”, but I always appreciate the weekly posts, and I love seeing how creative everyone can be.

After taking my time (a good excuse to look at them over and over again, of course), here we go.

So, after careful consideration, these are my selections for the roundup for week 516.

Sexilicious Ash

woman in sexy lingerie looking up at the camera

This image struck me and captivated me for several reasons, the first of which is that Ash looks so sexy in this pic. I could stare into her eyes forever; I love the pose and look.

Secondly, as someone who struggles with her own self-image and confidence, I know exactly where she is coming from in her post this week.

I’m glad that she decided to post it as otherwise I would not have been able to enjoy it and enjoy it I did.

Ash, you look amazing!

The next four selections are in no particular order.

Master’s Pleasing Bitch

Woman laying on her back wearing chest harness to suck penis

This one sends shivers down my back (in a nice way). I love the grainy, almost VHS look to it, and the way it succinctly shows raw emotion and sexual tension are fabulous.

I love it for so many reasons, the collar, the outfit, the words crudely written on MPB’s body and even the outfit. Of course, the action stirs up all sorts of emotions, this is one hot pic, and I love it.

Vanilla Free Sex

woman wearing strap on dildo

This is a beautiful picture that is just so incredibly sexy, as well as being a little intimidating if you were on your knees with that view, knowing what was to come. The pose is so sexy, and it certainly has me looking forward to reading the review.

I love sexy pics shot from exciting angles, and this one has a hint of “power play” to it that I love. I must also add that this is one awesome looking dildo too, but it’s eclipsed by Storm.

The Artful Muse

woman laying in bath with glass dildo

This is a beautiful picture that captures a stunning dildo in a very relaxing scene, one that I can admit to being pretty familiar with here, LOL. I love the soft-focus look to it, highlighting the stunning glass dildo while also allowing a glimpse into the fun to come.

I love the effect of the glass balls; looking into each, you see the scene distorted in a different yet delightful way. There is so much to look at and enjoy in this one.

Love Is A Fetish

woman standing over neon sign that says dream

I love the grainy black and white images in this post; the neon sign sums it all up. They are dreamy.

The light creates some lovely shadows and lights up just enough to tease and leave you dreaming for more.

The top pose is absolutely stunning. The light draws your eyes higher and higher, teasing at what is out of sight. The second pic looks fantastic, too; that underwear is incredible, and the way the heels dig into the flesh gets me into a hot flush. I love them.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who submitted this week; I would include everyone on this list if I could. Keep posting, stay sexy and of course, stay safe in these worrying times.


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