Sinful Sunday Round-up 523

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Round-up 523

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Welcome to Sinful Sunday round-up 523

Don’t forget it is just over a week until the next Sinful Sunday prompt.

This week it is my pleasure to welcome Rose to the round-up. You can find her on her own blog On her Back and on Twitter @On_Her_Back

Rose’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Love is a Fetish

person holding flower over their vulva

I can absolutely relate to Niki’s struggle with self-esteem and she’s done an amazing job of embracing herself. I’m a sucker for anything lingerie and the title, “A Garden I Must Grow” perfectly sums up one’s struggles with ones’ self-image. She’s included two photos and I love them both but the image of her hiding her vulva with flowers is beautiful.

A Leap of Faith

bare feet with rope around ankle in wild flowers

I love the glimpse of bound feet we get in this photo. This photo mixes the naked beauty of nature with the implied nudity of the author. The idea of the author of this post being naked in nature is very freeing, in an odd sense. It made me want to see the rest of the rope-work if it went beyond simply her feet. I see a lot of photos on Sinful Sunday that incorporate all sorts of props but nature is hands-down my favorite.

Super Smash Cache

person in red and blue lighting showing off their butt wearing leather harness

It’s the ass and bisexual lighting for me with Cy’s photo. I love how they incorporated lighting into their photo, not just scenery or their amazing ass. This photo highlighting what Cy is most proud of is inspiring and the fact that they’re able to bring up a big part of one’s identity, with something as simple as lighting, is really impressive. I asked them about the meaning behind the lighting and they responded, “I had also liked the bright colors and retrofuturistic aesthetic for a long time — but I didn’t hear of the term, “bisexual lighting” until this year. Either way, mixing colored lights is fun and it’s here to stay in my photographic “vocabulary.”

Blue Submission

person with red hair tied upside down hanging from a tree

Oh my, there’s a lot to love about this photo and the intricate rope-work is just amazing. The model looks so serene and calm dangling upside down in beautiful scenery. Colors are popping in nature and everything about this is beautiful but the real beauty hangs upside down, bound beautifully, and frozen in place for as long as the ropes hold.

Frisky in the 916

person kneeling in front of someone opening their trousers

I can feel the anticipation in this photo. Seeing what he can see as he looks down at her is thrilling and I want so badly to continue to watch. So much is said in this POV photo and I can honestly feel how that liminal space between his pants being unzipped and experiencing pleasure could feel like ages.


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