Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 537

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 537

person in a mask on their knees in front of person with their penis out

Yes I am late posting this. It has been a bit of week. Anyway, in a few hours the linky tool for this weekend will be open and don’t forget it is prompt weekend

I am delighted to welcome LekkerVampireKitten to the round-up. Again apologises to them for posting this late. You can find them on Twitter @HisLittle_1

Lekker Vampire Kitten’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

This is certainly the best way to start a Monday – reviewing Sunday’s sinfulness so that all the sexiness carries on into the week! It also felt decadent taking time out of a working week to spoil myself and really enjoy the images and words at my leisure rather than take a quick flick. All the creators and you deserve that time too 🙂

Love is a Fetish

Nikki on her knees in sexy lingerie looking up at the camera sucking her fingers

Love the gentleness and vulnerability from the lighting and pose. It matches the gentle treatment of her body and emotions that lead to the picture. I think we can all appreciate those times where we have had to relearn and almost coax ourselves back to seeing what others see in us. I love that we are honoured to glimpse into one of those self-care, self love, and self coaching moments.


person in a mask on their knees in front of person with their penis out

In complete contrast to the first image selected ! An open heavy handed offering for sinful Sunday; I like the direct bluntness and solid feel to the image and the intent behind it. I also appreciate how image editing can also help us convey not only the situation of the image but also our feelings.

Life and Times of a Horny Male

man naked with vaccum cleaner

Love how both the song and video inspire to build confidence in the image and beyond. I like the reverse stereotypes at play here – to break free to do the things men aren’t expected to do in our societies (don’t not all Men me!). I know that might not be quite what’s intended but I’m also enjoying the idea of naked men doing my chores … I hope he got to enjoy the vacuuming and have a bit of a dance about too. The great thing about Sinful Sunday is the viewer and the creator can take different things from the image/words and we can appreciate both. FYI. Thanks for the earworm !!

Focused and Filthy

back view of naked man looking into green bushes

Awesome – a real life Greek garden statue ! so much to adore about this naturist image. The way the bushes have opened up to give him space, and love the idea that he is attempting to peak through the other side and discover something new. Also what a sky and a joyous day indoors too – all round win! Love that photography offers so many opportunities if we are bold enough. Be bold my friends be bold, it’s clearly worth it.

Exposing 40

exposing 40 laying on her side showing her very bruises bum

Ouchie ! Here’s to another year or so without slips! Unintended bruises aren’t always celebrated quite so much this side of kink twitter 🙂 The lesson in the image – sometimes we have to take risks for our pleasure and sometimes we end up on our arses 😉 Also, whether intended or not I love how the colour of the background works with colour of the bruises and skin.


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  1. JankyB says:

    Awesome! This is my first time being included in the round up since i started posting again after a long long absence. This really means a lot to me

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