Sinful Sunday Round-up 539

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Round-up 539

molly bottom framed by roses for round up 539

Welcome to the weekly round up 539. As per usual a little mention for the next monthly prompt. Can you believe it is nearly September?

This week I am very happy to be able to welcome back the lovely Floss to the round-up for her second time picking her top 5 pics of the week. You can find her on her own blog Floss Does Life and on Twitter @_floss_84

Floss’s Top5 Pics of the Week

It is always a joy to browse through the wonderful offerings presented for Sinful Sunday and even more so when you get to choose you top 5 to share with everyone. This week was no different.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Molly's bottom surrounded by roses edited in mono wintage tones

I think I’m definitely growing the wrong kinds of flowers because none of mine have a bottom this delightful nestled in them. Molly’s photo are always a treat and I love that I can always spot her photo out of a line up because her style is so distinctive.

Victoria Blisse

Looking down between Victoria's legs to someone pushing a dildo into her cunt

What a happy post. I know from Twitter and her blog that this meet up and some sexy fun was a long time coming for Victoria and I was so excited to see such a visual display of her latest adventures.

A to sub Bee

Bee and their partners bottom with Mr and Mx written on them

I’m a sucker for a happy occasion and this photo from Bee definitely counts. It’s wonderful to see people celebrating their relationship in a way that compliments their dynamic. Once again it’s nice to see images of adventures that were put on hold because of Covid-19.

Adult Exploration

reflection in mirror of person holding paddle by their bare bum

I do like bottoms. I also like fishing out a spanking, so this image definitely spoke to me on a few levels. Asides from that though I love the images that are coming out of Andrew’s site. This one is fun, playful and inviting.

Pain as Pleasure

nude of man with poker chips in front of his cock

It’s been a long time since I played poker but this image evokes very fond memories for me and it’s always lovely when that happens. It helps that the background provided for the poker chips is also visually pleasing, I’m now a little bit sad that my poked games never involved some nudity.


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