Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 540

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 540

Bee and honey naked holding hands in the woods

Welcome to the weekly round-up 540. Little shout-out for the September prompt that is out now.

This week I am delighted to welcome Syd to the round-up for the very first time. You can find him on Twitter @oxyfromsg and his book at Alec Lake

Syd’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

It is a delight and honour to take part in Sinful Sunday and be able to pick 5 images. This project has always delighted me and has always seemed to be a great example of everyone coming together and celebrating our bodies in a positive way. There was a particularly strong showing this week, but here are the 5 that really spoke to me

A to sub Bee

Bee and honey naked holding hands in the woods

This celebration of friendship filled my heart with joy. The ability to bare one’s soul to another as well as baring one’s flesh. The center of the pictures, the hands held together, speaks volumes with just a small gesture.

Exposing 40

Person laying naked in a river punt

Working in Oxford, punting has been something that has always been around. This relaxed pose seems to be the perfect expression of the idea of punting. Taking your time to relax and just float downstream. And then when I spotted the bird in the distance and giggled at the idea of it playing Chicken with the boat.

I have loved you long time

person in the shower wearing white wet see through top

I loved the playfulness of this, lifting the fabric to give a clear view, even though nothing is hidden due to the wetness. You can almost feel the heat beating down in this picture and the desire to escape it in the cool water.

Corrupting Mrs Jones

person standing on headpoint looking out to sea with no pants but raincoat on

When you first look at this you have a moment of “Well this is just a lovely picture” before it hits you. I love an outdoor picture and this has the combination of nature and nudity that I love. And don’t we all want to live in a land of no pants?

Lillith Avir

lilly lay face down on the bed with coloured wax dots on her back

Artwork with depth. At first, the wax drew my eye and made me think of Damien Hirst’s Colour Space Paintings. But then you see little details that add depth, like the collar and the bruises under the wax. Beautiful to look at and like all the best art, worth a second glance.


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