Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 541

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 541

looking through meador grass and red poppies to naked body

Welcome to Weekly Round-up 541… Don’t forget NEXT Sunday is prompt weekend and it is all about those lyrics

This week I am very excited to welcome the wonderful Hyacinth back to the round-up. Even though she is currently taking a break from her blog, A Dissolute Life Means... you should still check it out because there is so much great content there and also you can find her on Twitter @adissolutelife

Hyacinth’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Since I hardly consider myself a blogger anymore, I was thrilled when Molly reminded me that I was on the list for this week’s Sinful Sunday Round Up.  I love photos and the ways they can make us feel – both as the consumers and the creators – and the photos y’all put up this weekend didn’t disappoint!  I paired my Round Up duties with The Great British Baking Show (as it’s called here in America) and ugh!  Two of my favorite things: a cooking show and gorgeous photos!  *kisses fingers*
Here are my top 5 in no particular order:

Focused and Filthy

focused and filthy naked in wild meadow field with red poppies

Focused and Filthy’s Last days of the summer.  I’m a sucker for a good blur and a surprise focal point.  And here it’s as if Mother Nature gets dibs on our attention first, “You can look at the beautiful body in a second, first look at my flowers!”  I imagine that the soft light on her skin is a warm blanket and the tall grasses and tickling delight.

Maria Opens Up

Maria standing behind floor lamp so she looks like the lamp with her naked body reflected in glass table top

Maria Opens Up’s Camouflage. This is so playful and inviting and thoughtful. The reflection, the “you can’t see me!” toddler vibe, the grey tones with the pop of her skin and the fair-colored pillow to match. There’s so much playfulness here it makes me want to go play hide and seek naked somewhere.

Love is a Fetish

Nikki in fishnet tights with green ivy over her pubic area

Love is a Fetish’s Growth. I’m always a fan of contrast and the creaminess of her skin against the richness of the green really pops. I love how the image hogs the frame and spills out beyond it – her hip on the left and her garden on the right. Her lush bush on top of her [lush] bush? The fishnet draws my eyes all over the page as do the little leaves surrounding her curves

Exposing 40

couple wrapped up in each others legs in black and white

Exposing40’s Calm. This was the first thumbnail I clicked on. The shadows and light and long, gentle lines captivated me and when I saw that it was Exposing40 I literally exclaimed to the sleeping dog beside me. I’m not surprised it was her work as she is a talented artist and knows how to capture a moment in time.

I am tasteless

person sitting on bed looking into camera with bottle of whisky between their legs

I Am Tasteless’s Down in it. This is the most voyeuristic photo of the bunch and it’s compelling, raw, gorgeous, sensual, and utterly hot. I love the pops of color in the hair and the underwear, the deep browns of the footboard and the whiskey, the black of the harness and the mirror’s edge. The best part of this image, though, has to be the eyes that meet mine, rimmed in smeared makeup and searching…


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  1. Jankyb13 says:

    This is awesome. I love how you describe my picture! Thankyou, I’m so happy!

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