Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 544

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 544

person in red pants showing off cock bulge

The prompt for October is out and you have a few weeks to work on your ideas. It is another alphabet prompt for you to tackle.

This week it is my pleasure to welcome back to the fabulous Jane Renault, Smut Chief at Bellesa among other things, to the round-up. You can find her on her own blog Jayne Renault and on Twitter @jayne_renault

Jayne’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Much has changed since my first foray into the sex blogging world many years ago. For instance, I am no longer much of a blogger myself; life had other plans for me. So it was nice to have this opportunity to pop back in to the old stomping grounds and see how, in spite of the change we’ve faced in this chapter of humanity, some things remain as familiar and inviting as they’ve always been. Having safe spaces to be vulnerable and feel powerful are more important than ever. It’s great to see both familiar faces (and bodies!) and newer contributors living their truth through bold artistic expression here.

I’ve been holed up on the beautiful west coast of Canada this week, nestled between the mountains and the sea and surrounded by very big trees. My selection does seem to reflect that. I have no rubric or hierarchy for my picks; they’re simply what evoked the most from me on the day I went through all the awesome posts from this week.

My Wild Lens

Topless person with words written all over their body

First up, we’ve got Skin by mywildlens. Of all the images this week, this one spoke the loudest to me. A moody, shadowy black and white always appeases my eye, but these love statements hugging her every curve would be provocative in any palette.

Exposing 40

Naked man standing in woods with dappled shadows on his back

Exposing 40 is such a talented lens master. This Dappled image is stunning to me because it’s so simple yet so nuanced. The way the light spots dance over his body make me feel a sense of lightness, hope, and playful warmth. And with winter darkness inching closer with every passing day, that is a welcome sensation indeed.

A to sub Bee

Person laying on their side naked showing their Bee tattoo on their hip

A Step Too Far definitely does not go too far. I am such a sucker for a lil bee butt! That mixed with the scalloping of Bee’s body in the frame and the shadows hugging all the curves from below? Yes. I dig it.

On Queer Street

person in red pants showing their bulge to the camera

Honestly, I just have so much appreciation for a tasteful, well-framed, covered dick pic. And Quinn’s Bulge is exactly that. Because it’s not *just* about the dick. I love how the shadowy vignette offers a softness that contrasts the strength everywhere else from his spread fingers to his solid, assured stance.

Happy Come Lucky

person topless pressed up against a tree showing the tree tattoo on their side

Anyone who has paid way too close attention to my twitter feed over the years may have picked up on my love for trees. Honey’s Inked really struck that particular heartstrings for me. The underboob shadow? The branches that stretch a little further, a little higher, a little broader with her every exalting breath? Ugh. Yes.


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