Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 545

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 545

Welcome to the Weekly Round-up 545. Sadly I was unable to contact the person who was scheduled to do the round-up this week and so it falls to me to bring you a top 5. I know, such hardship! Don’t forget the prompt for October is out now and you have a couple of weeks to work on your ideas.

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Exposing 40

Womans' breast and nipple with setting sun in the mountians behind her

This one just makes me long for those warm summer evenings and he heat of the sun on my skin. I can ‘feel’ this image.

Focused and Filthy

Naked woman sitting in triangle shaped cupboard under the stairs

Ahh the photographer life. Most people see just a little cupboard but people like Missy and I see an image. I love how the shape of the cupboard is mirrored in Missy’s body specifically the knees. I would actually be super interested to see this image in black and white too maybe with the contrast dialled up. I think it would emphasis the lines and darkness and the weirdness of the headless figure in the cupboard.

Love is a Fetish

brown teddy laying on naked persons tummy

At first that cute little face is what you see. It appears to be looking right at you but then you linger for a moment and realise where that cute little teddy is laying. That contrast between cute and teddy and Nikki’s apparent nakedness, the corruption of it, that is hot to me.

Happy Come Lucky

Honey with words about her written on the skin on her back

I have a bit of a thing for being written on. The thought of giving the pen over to someone and letting them write on me like this is both thrilling and terrifying. I would love to do it with someone one day but I would also love to do it to someone as well. One for the ‘to-do’ list for sure

A Leap of Faith

Naked woman with white blonda hair sitting in the woods half hidden my the trees

I am completely captivated by this image. She looks like fairy life, a woodland nymph or magical creature glimpsed between the branches. Did you really see her? was she really there? You blink, you look again…. What have you stumbled upon?


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