Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 563

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 563

Topless woman knitting. Header image for Sinful Sunday round-up 563

Welcome to weekly round-up 563. Don’t forget that next weekend is the first weekend of the month and therefore prompt weekend.

This week I am delighted to welcome back the amazingly talented Annie Savoy to the round-up. You can find her taking beautiful images on her own blog Annie Savoy and on Twitter @asavoywrites

Annie’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Happy Come Lucky

Topless Honey sitting with legs spread in front of mug that has painting of topless woman on it

Of all the thumbnails on the Sinful Sunday site this week, I clicked on this one first! It’s cheeky and sweet and sexy with a sense of warmth and cuddliness that makes me so happy. We’re in hard core winter weather up here in the Northern Hemisphere and I’ve spent several weeks in cold grey dark cities so this picture is everything I want in life. Something sweet with someone sweet.

The Horny Hunter

Reflection of Man sitting naked crossed legged holding camera up to his face

I have a weakness for self-portraits that include real cameras. I feel they elevate the “selfie” into an actual portrait, especially when I can see the photographer’s face. In this picture I love his body’s ease, flexibility and composure contrasted with the scrunchy tension and discomfort in his face. He didn’t need to tell me he hates taking selfies, he showed me by taking one that gorgeously balances his physical stamina with an emotional rawness. Bravo.

Exposing 40

Looking into computer screen that shows an image of two naked people grabbing each others bums

There are a few photographers whose work I can pick out of a line up, even in miniature. Exposing 40 is one such photographer. Her work combines sexiness and a sense of humor in a way unique to her alone. As an observer, I respond to the technical precision of her work because it’s very clear that she’s been honing her photography craft for years and years, but I also respond to the slices of life she shares. Her life looks fun and sexy, full of love, friends and adventures and her photography is crowded to the seams with life. I think we all would love to have her photographic ability, and perhaps most of us would also want her life.

Brigit Delaney

Full frontal nude of Brigit

I feel this post in my bones. I am also uncomfortable with the effects of gravity and age in my own body. Brigit, I admire your decision to look at yourself square on, so to speak, and thank you for sharing with us. My main response to your post is YES. And ME TOO. Why is it so much easier to be kind to other people but not ourselves? I’ll also tell you what I try to remind myself, at some point in the future you’ll look back on these images and think you looked phenomenal. Kindness sometimes comes in the form of perspective so perhaps project into your future self, looking back at these images and thinking “damn, I looked gorgeous.” It will be true then and it’s true now.

My Wild Lens

Topless woman knitting

As a person who tries to wed words and images, I love how this post deepens the accompanying picture. We start with a photo that feels sweet and colorful, then we read about the physical struggle to create that whimsical bit of knitting, and by the end of our experience this picture represents a massive accomplishment. My Wild Lens, I admire your perseverance. I also love the idea of a weather scarf! And I’m hopeful that as your scarf begins to record light yellow and hot yellow lines of sunshine, your hands and fingers will show bright signs of healing.


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  1. What an awesome roundup! I love this thoughtful feedback.

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