Sinful Sunday Weekly round-up 569

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly round-up 569

Mans chest framed by womans hands and feet weekly round-up 569 banner

Welcome to the Weekly round-up 569 and oh I loved this weeks prompt. Seeing everyone playing around and exploring symmetry in their images was so fun. I hope it will inspire folks to try it again in the future.

The prompt for April is out now. I wanted to give folks plenty of time to work on this because it requires getting the right light to make it happen/work.

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Krystal Minx

Mans chest with womans feet and hands on them

Unlike all the other images here in the round up that have strong elements of simplicity to them this one is a riot of hands and feet and hair but I love it because it just makes me think about being tangled up with another person, flesh on flesh. Also I want pretty toe nail varnish designs like that.

Sexilicious Ash

Woman pressed up against glass of shower cubicle

As I said in a few comments on people’s images this week, symmetry of the human body is actually just an illusion. Hold a mirror up to the middle of your face and that will show you but despite that so many of the images this week showed how it is an illusion our eyes believe and Ash’s image is a perfect example of that. The hands, the braids, the fringe (bangs) and her breasts pushed up against the glass just create an image that is so pleasing but interesting to the human eye. Well to mine. I have studied this image a lot

Victoria Blisse

Looking down at naked woman with legs open and a glass dildo between her legs

This one really does the same thing. Our eyes believe this is symmetrical although to be fair it is pretty bloody close to being. I love the simplicity of this one and how the shape between her legs looks like a bird. There is also something about it that reminds me of butterflies.

Focused and Filthy

Bunch of tulips with top less woman in the background

Again, maybe it is the imperfect symmetry that pleases the eye or gives the image little details that you find yourself exploring. Here it is the colours of the flowers and how they seem similar to the colour of her nipples and that little glint of her nipple ring that you can’t stop looking at.

Maria Open’s Up

double mirror reflection of naked woman

Can you brain really make sense of this image? At first glance I am like, oh mirrors, cool. Clever shot. And then I am like, wait, how many mirrors? What am I actually seeing? I don’t think I have it fathomed out even now but that makes this an image you go back to time and again to try to make sense of it.


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