Sinful Sunday Round-up 588

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Round-up 588

Naked man in front of mountain range in Alaska

Welcome to round-up 588. The prompt for August is out now so pour yourself a drink and get creating

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

No Pants Endurance

Man naked in front of moutain range in Alaska

NPE’s blog is a constant delight of imagery. I love his creativity and his humour. The post this image comes from contains both those things but also it is a celebration of adventures, snatched naked time and having fun with Lovely. There are so many good images from it but this one just jumped out at me. The setting is incredible, the landscape breathtaking and his pose and naked body just seem to fit into perfectly capturing the strength and wilderness of the setting. I absolutely love it.

Exposing 40

exposing 40 sucking twister lolly

This one just captured so perfectly the joy of something cold and delicious being in your mouth during a heat wave and I am happy to confess that after seeing this I wandered down to the corner shop with Michael and he bought me a Twister and I enjoyed every last mouthful of it. So thank you EX40 for the suggestive suggestion

Pieces of Jade

Jade's skirt riding up so you can see her bare bottom

The Lexy Experiment

Lexy kneeling in front of window with sunset behind her

The light in this is just perfection. I love how sultry and sensual the colours are and just fit with the pose but for me my eye is constantly draw to the little ripples in the fabric around her hips and thighs. Something about that texture just captivates me.

Master’s Pleasing Bitch

Julie in summer dress with legs open showing glimpse of her vulva

I am a massive fan of in the moment images and this one ticks that box perfectly. The little glint of the moon, the low light creating the grainy finish just speaks to the fact that we getting a glimpse of their evening. A very sexy glimpse.


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