Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 589

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 589

blue bum with hand on it banner image for weekly round-up 589

Welcome to Weekly Round-up 589. Don’t forget that NEXT Sunday, 7th August, is the monthly prompt.

This week I am delighted to welcome the lovely Chrisy back to the round-up. You can find her on her own blog Chrisy Kay and on Twitter @toyforsir

Chrisy’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

I am an author and blogger that has been absent for a while due to many “life in general” events. I was
thrilled when Molly contacted me to do the round-up for this week’s Sinful Sunday. I must admit,
reading the posts, and viewing these photographs just may have motivated me enough to start writing
and taking pictures again!

This difficulty with Sinful Sunday round-ups is the limit of five favorites. Let me say from the start, all
these posts were provocative, and enticing. They captured beautiful sexy moments that I appreciate.
Thank you all for sharing your moments.

Focused and Filthy

Missy's bum edited in blue light with hand covering

First and foremost, the title of the post and the blue in is this photo don’t only match perfectly, but what
an amazing concept. I love the creativity and beauty, but also the strength portrait. I am, to be honest,
a bit jealous.

Happy Come Lucky

Honey stuffing her knickers in her mouth

The submissive in me went a little crazy over this array of photos. The fact that these photos were also
based on instructions to be followed was a bonus. There is something enjoyable about pleasing by
following a request. I have a request that I am to follow every morning and while I am sometimes late
following through, I understand the satisfaction that comes from doing something that pleases someone
else. This is something that can be done without being in their presence. While I long to be with Daddy,
doing things he has asked of me makes the distance a little easier.

Corrupting Mrs Jones

Mrs Jones bending over in black panties

One of the great things about Sinful Sunday, is when you just look at the site and see the one photo and
then click on the link, other photos are there to keep you fixated. What was interesting about this is
while reading the post, I realized something about myself. I hate my ass. I have always hated my ass,
that is not a new realization. However, I am quite fond of other peoples’ asses. Reading this post made
me realize that I do appreciate them. I am working hard on being kinder to myself about my own
bottom. This post may have helped in that process a bit. The angles and creativity are perfect.

Erotic Takes for the Visual Woman

penis head encased in hand

I don’t believe we have enough penis appreciation so this caught my eye. Then I read the comment on
the photo and it hit home a bit. All the struggles are real for everyone these days, and I’ve been feeling
it a bit more these past few weeks. While the photo and video is very sexy, the comments made for a
nice combination! Thank you for this, both the sexy part and the encouragement.

My Wild Lens

Looking down at Wild's breast and smiling mouth

This is such a happy photograph. Sexy, bright, fun and free. I love the lighting and angle. It made me
smile. I hope everyone finds this kind of happiness in something so simple and easy.


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