Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 597

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 597

Woman sitting naked in handing egg chair with pond and greenery in the back ground

Welcome to the Weekly round-up 597. Don’t forget next week is prompt week.

This week I am delighted to hand over the round-up to Girl on the Net. It is, in fact, her 4th time doing the round-up but I only know that because I have a handy spreadsheet that tells me. You can, and absolutely should, go and find her on her own blog Girl on the Net and of course on Twitter @girlonthenet

Gotn’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

This is (I think) the third time I’ve done the Sinful Sunday round-up, and every time I do I always struggle to pick my favourite pictures because every single one has astonishing merits. As someone who struggles to take any photos at all, I’m always blown away by the creativity – in angles, poses, lighting, colour, not to mention the sheer intimacy of so many of them. All this is to say that I’ve picked a top five, but if I had the time and the blog space, I could wax lyrical about the beauty of each and every one of them – they’re astonishing.

Victoria Blisse

Victoria leaning over man pulling up his boxers to paddle his bum cheek. She is wearing purple negligee and has big bruise on her breast

There’s something fabulously dynamic about this gorgeous strapping picture from Victoria Blisse: the way she’s pulling up Alex’s pants to expose one butt cheek ready to be smacked gives it some lovely action. Her single finger extended onto the handle of the red leather, other arm resting gently on the back – all that speaks to an underlying tone of care and precision that I find incredibly hot. I can almost hear the thwack of the strap.

Happy Come Lucky

Honey strapped to a cross blindfolded and covered in coloured wax

Well firstly – happy birthday Honey! I might be biased towards this pic because I have seen so much reflected joy bubbling around Twitter about the events of Honey’s birthday party the other week. But this glorious wax play photo jumped out at me from the thumbnails – it’s such a happy riot of red-and-purple splatters, it absolutely drew me in. Then studying the image more closely, there’s even more going on here in terms of colour and contrast: the black straps against Honey’s skin, the way that thick black intersects with the finer lines of her tattoo, the matching warmth of the wood grain and the leather collar. Absolutely stunning (and incredibly hot).

Focused & Filthy

Reflection in mirror of nude woman looking out of window

Talking of warmth, it absolutely radiates out from this beautiful picture by Focused and Filthy. I’m going to mention wood again (sorry) because I have a huge thing for it, and all the wood in this picture framing Missy’s naked body just gives everything such a natural feel. So many Sinful Sunday pictures make me feel like I would love to be brave enough to take my clothes off and have a go, but looking at this particular image makes me feel weird for ever wearing clothes in the first place.

Exposing 40

Woman sitting naked in handing egg chair with pond and greenery in the back ground

Likewise this stunning image from Exposing 40. Don’t worry, I promise my final pic won’t be me obsessing over wood and nature but honestly, it just pairs so perfectly with soft naked bodies. The way that E40 is curled up in this hanging chair, chilled and calm and comfortable in nature, it feels simultaneously cosy and ethereal. Like she’s either just popped out of the pool after a quick dip, or like she’s been there forever, like a fairy at the bottom of the garden. Someone in the comments said this looked magical and I have to agree. There’s a magic to it, and not just because she’s floating in the air.

A Leap Of Faith

person in red latex bodysuit and hood suspended from frame by rope bondage

I was chatting to a partner recently about suspension, and how beautiful it is, so my final pick for this round-up has to be this incredible image – come fly with me – by the barefoot sub. Like Honey’s pic, there are some gorgeous colours in there – the red of the catsuit with splashes of blue in the rope and lighting – but mainly it’s stunning because of the way her pose is so balanced and light. The suspension really does look like it’s almost weightless, and it makes me wish I could come fly with her too.  


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