Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 600

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 600

couple on the bed fucking for weekly round up 600

Welcome to weekly round-up 600 and what a truly magnificent week it was. I really can’t get over how many people joined in both bloggers of old and those who are relatively new. The result was 37 amazing links on the page and and even harder task than normal to select just 5 for the round-up.

I want to thank everyone who joined in and celebrated 600 weeks with me. Many of the posts talked about their history with the meme or how it had been a positive thing within their lives. Reading those words were humbling and many of them made feel quite emotional. It really did mean a great deal to me. All the bloggers who have taken part in this meme over the years are who have made it so special and successful.

Picking just 5 for the round-up was damn hard and on this very rare occasion I have decided to break the rules and pick 6 image which seems only fitting to have 6 for week 600.

Molly’s Top 5 6 Pics of the Week

Maria Opens Up

Black and white of topless woman with hair over her face but her mouth open screaming up at the camera

I think Maria knows exactly how to get to my photography heart because creepy, sinister, erotism is SO my bag and this image is so perfectly all those things.

A to sub Bee

Person flashing their bum with train viaduct across the valley in the distance

Do I need to say why? I mean come on now this is just bloody brilliant also I love Scavenger Hunt images and it was sharing those which first bought Bee to blogging so it seems very fitting to have on for the 600th Sinful Sunday

I have loved you long time

woman lifting her skirt and flashing her bare bum wearing stocking and suspenders

The movement of her dress and the light through it is just stunning but I also adore the little heart shape at the top of her thighs. This shot is playful and sexy which is a combination that I love.

Cleareyed Girl

Woman in bed with her lovers arm over her breasts

Another type of image that I love is those that capture the gentle intimacy of a shared moment and this one fits that descriptions perfectly. There is something about it that makes me crave skin to skin contact, the warmth, that feeling of safety, all those sensations flow from this image.

Ms Muse

Woman wearing strapping style lingerie set with sunlight bursting around her

Again I am not sure I need to say about this one apart from maybe…. Oh my! That lingerie is something else but hot damn does it appear to have been made to fit Muse but it’s not just the great lingerie that makes this image but it features another thing I love which is back lighting and light bursts and Muse has used to amazing effect in this phenomenal image.

Focused and Filthy

Couple fucking on a bed with her legs symmetrical to the head board up in the air to

So my question is, did she perfectly line her feet up with the corners of the headboard or was that a fluke? Either way way this image is utter perfection. Filthy and focused might be her blog name but it is also and exact description of this brilliant image and well photographer filth is totally my thing too.


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