Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 602

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 602

Negative style image of boobs in fishnet top for weekly round-up 602

Welcome to Weekly Round-up 602. The prompt for November is out now and it is prompt weekend NEXT Sunday

Sorry for the lateness of this weeks round-up. Sadly the person who was meant to do it had to drop out and so it is my turn again this week

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Erotic Tales for the Visual Woman

Nude of man standing next to river with autumn sunshine on his body

This one makes me want to grab my camera and my tripod and find a secluded sunny spot to get naked in. I can just imagine how that Autumn sunshine feels against his skin.

Focused and Filthy

Nude name sitting hunched over in the woods

It is so tempting to always photograph masculine bodies in strong powerful poses. What I love about this is that Missy went a whole different way and the result if this image of vulnerability and quiet.

Corrupting Mrs Jones

looking down womans body on swing seat

I have used a sex swing once but it was the wrong height for us and it was in a club and adjusting it was not possible but it definitely left me wanting to know what it would be life if it was the right height and this image reminds me that one day I would like to find out

Mx Nillin

Nillin between partners thighs looking up at the camera

I seriously can’t stop looking at this shot. I have always had a thing for Nillin’s eyes and here, that direct gaze at us is electric, alongside their hand on Fenric’s thighs, their other hands intertwined, I find it completely captivating.

Happy Come Lucky

Fishnet top over breasts edited to look like film negative

Clever play on words in this post which is about struggling with self image. If you have not read it then you really should but this image is just one of those that jumps out at you and demands you attention and I love it.


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