Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 615

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Weekly Round-up 615

Little tuffed of pubic hair sticking out of fishnet bodystocking for round-up 615

Welcome to weekly round-up 615. Don’t forget the February prompt is out now.

This week I am excited to welcome the wonderful Violet Fawkes back to the round-up space. You can find her being awesome on her own blog Violet Fawkes and on Twitter @FawkesViolet

Violet’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Pain as Pleasure

Man in leather pants and chest harness sitting on chair holding a crop looking down at camera

I love this image so much because it is a side of B1 that I have never seen! I dare say, it’s a good look! I also enjoy the composition, the rhythm and repetition of the chair’s legs and the chest harness is perfect in black and white. A very strong image, all around.

Molly’s Daily Kiss

Man standing in the shower with water running down his penis and shower glass hiding half his body

There’s so much to love about this image. The depth of field instantly makes me feel like a voyeur, glimpsing something delightfully sordid. Secondly, soft-cock-in-the-shower should be its own genre of porn and erotica because it is hot, hot, hot.

Erotic Stories for the Visual Woman

Gif of Naked man bouncing up and down with his penis flipping up and down

I’m less convinced that soft-cock-on-a-trampoline is a porn genre the world is ready for, but I do really find this gif hilarious. I can only imagine how far back his poor wife rolled her eyes when he showed it to her!

My Wild Lens

person wearing fishnet body stocking with tufted of pubic hair poking out

It’s not an exaggeration that I almost spat my coffee on my laptop when I first saw this image from MWL. It is so brilliantly funny. That little tuft has such comedic currency against the stunning curves of her body and the mesmerizing pattern of the body stocking. A very humorous, and human, photo.

Happy Come Lucky

Honey laying on the bed in lingerie with red diamond painted on her bum cheaek

I love everything about this picture and the words that go with it. From the aubergine lingerie, to the smarting red diamond on a spectacular bottom, to the words, “He makes me feel impossibly beautiful each and every time.” This post is an affirmation of love and kink and the fun that can be had with both.


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