Sinful Sunday Round-up 616

It's all about the image

Sinful Sunday Round-up 616

Cropped image of Breasts with words, Hi I'm a slut. written on them for weekly round-up 616

Welcome to the round-up 616. This week the task falls to me as sadly the person who was meant to do had life stuff that got in the way. Hopefully they will back to do one later in the year

Little reminder that it is currently February Photofest and it is not to late to join in if you felt the urge. Also this coming Sunday is prompt weekend

Molly’s Top 5 Pics of the Week

Happy Come Lucky

Honey with penis in her mouth and pendant hanging from her collar that says, If found please use

I am not sure how the photographer managed to keep such a steady hand but the sharpness of this image is so good and that way the little pendant pops with the light catching it is brilliant. Also the message is just utter filth and I am so here for it.

A to sub Bee

Black and white image of man ejaculating

Something else I am so here for? Jizz and this absolutely brilliant capture. The blur of his hand telling of his movements and that beautiful ribbon of his cum that the light seems to be catching. What a (money) shot.

Victoria Blisse

Victoria's cleavage in lacy lingerie with words I am a slut written on one breast

Something else that is a bit of a kink of mine is being written on. Whether that is someone else writing on me on me writing on myself for another person. It can tap into the degrading element of kink that ticks a box for me so this image of Victoria, let’s just say it had my shifting in my seat at the thought of someone reaching for a pen.


Reflection of mans penis with shite shirt tails showing in small round vanity mirror

I have taken a few images featuring a similar mirror and so I know it can be surprising tricky to get the focus in the right place but this image is spot on. Everything around the reflection is just the right about of soft/blur to give the image context but to distract for the details within the mirror which are so sharp. Also for me personally this image is sexy, the shirt tails, the little glimpse of hair, the balls that look smooth and the veins on his shaft. Just unnfff

Focused and Filthy

Missy's finger pushing into another person vulva with landing strip pubic hair

Well we are definitely into the Unnnfff zone with this one. I don’t feel the need to write too much about this shot apart from to say it is exquisite. I find it both truly beautiful and incredibly sexy.


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